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He has Risen!

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So, if you have just been gripped with suspense as to whether Greg liked the outdoor addition, well, I’m happy to report, he did. Yippee!! Just look how happy.He was awfully cute bringing out as many candles as possible so we could have a candlelit dinner instead of turning on the dreaded outdoor light : ) I have trained him so very well. I love warm nights and that one was one of our favorites. […]

Oh Mr. Time, where do you go?

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This last weekend, we headed up north for my cousin Lauren’s 30th BIRTHDAY PARTY! Naturally, it was an 80s theme party. Not one to brag, but….. I kinda won the costume contest… Actually my other cousin, Ashley, and her husband, Ricky, won first place cause they showed off their inner Madonna and Hammertime side (ugh if ONLY I had worn my cone bra), but I got next runner up which won me some Airheads and […]

Welcome 2014

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Hmm, I’m not quite sure where to begin so let’s do highlights, shall we? 1) The day before we left for Santa Cruz was a rainy one complete with… THUNDER! ..which made Greg and I do a silent happy dance from separate rooms (considering he was on an important conference call : ) ) and sent Bentley bolting to his safe place under the bed like a scared little girl. I always suspected he was […]

I’m Thankful for Thanksgiving

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To say this move has been a bit of an adjustment is an understatement. I don’t know what’s been up with me but for whatever reason, it’s been a whole lot more difficult than I ever expected. So, when Greg mentioned while we were sipping our coffee in bed that maybe we should leave today (last Saturday) instead of waiting to go up for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, oh my oh my.. how does one describe […]

Weekend Events

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I’m kind of in shock that we really only have two more weekends here. I was especially sad we won’t be getting to celebrate Christmas in this cozy little place so this weekend my dear friend and Christmas LOVER, Laurah, came up to have an early Christmas celebration. To Greg’s horror, we listened to Christmas music, had plans to bake Christmas cookies and drink pumpkin spice lattes but considering the weather was pushing triple digits, […]

Happy Happenings

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Alrighty, let’s go back a couple of days. We were having a very slow, very boring work day (I had the lovely task of looking for even more apartments… gotta admit I was overly bored) and we heard the lovely little brrringgg!! of our adorable little doorbell.. seriously, look at it.. it’s precious. No one ever rings that bell except my family or our landlords so naturally the curiosity set in.. and it was……. my […]

Houseboatin and Houses

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family days / terrific trips

Hands down, one of our favorite trips of the year is to my cousins houseboat on Lake McClure. It is the most relaxing time you’ll ever have. Well, for me at least.. there are no electronics (ahem, yippee!!), the weather is ridiculously warm, the water feels divine, I’m surrounded by family and it’s just heavenly. The only activities available are relaxing, swimming, tubing, wakeboarding and other water sports, relaxing, eating, drinking, wading, reading, relaxing, relaxing, sleeping, relaxing […]

10 Highlights from the week : )

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Last week was busy busy busy but so much fun… here are our highlights: 1) “Cocktails” at the Burkes! >>My cousin and her hubs invite us over to see their adorable new place. >>My dad asks if he and my mom could come too. >>I drop the ball on communicating that we would like to come over for cocktails and would like them to come over for dinner. >>We arrive and Lauren asks if anyone […]

Big Sur Bound

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The strangest thing happened this morning: Neither Greg or I have been sleeping well lately so thankfully we got a full 11 hours! last night and woke up very discombobulated. It was foggy, but there were no obnoxious fog horns to be heard. We had run out of coffee so we walked down to the Starbucks in town to find not one boat out on the water for as far as we could see! Not […]

Wemember Wednesday

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I was going to use “Turn Back Tuesday” until I realized it… was already Wednesday. Where has this week gone?? It’s been full of dud meals and sporadic sobs for no reason (gotta love being a woman) so let’s remember the better things shall we : ) Actually, Greg’s been wanting me to put this up for you, Lory, since it seemed to have slipped his mind when he told you about our LA trip. A month […]