A little snow trip

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Sometimes my husband takes me to magical places – like on this dreamy snow trip that couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve never actually celebrated our anniversary properly so this year, we decided to go up a little early and cheers to three years of married life – and make sure we got there ;) That last month was probably the hardest one yet with that innocent looking little girl. I think every night we went to bed, we’d look over at each other and say goodnight, I love you, I miss you. And then weep a little inside because we’re both so tired and so exhausted to do or say anything else. That one.. she has been perfecting her ability to fight sleep and it has been a living nightmare. She does not sleep. She does not take naps. She does not sleep through the night. She is One (you know the time when they are finally sleeping and not nursing all night every night) and while every other parent is enjoying their much needed rest, we have a feisty little girl who will take you and your sleep ON. Nursing has always been such a comfort to her (and me because it knocks her out hehe) but this month, nipples seem to be confused with chew toys and therefore this sweet little act has not been enjoyable for anyone. Well, she thinks it’s funny but I don’t. My mom always told me that when babies bite, you just lightly flick their cheek and say no no. When she bites, it takes everything in me not to hurl her across the room! My goodness it hurts so bad and makes me break out in the sweats and start shaking uncontrollably. And sometimes I cry. Light flicking… ha. My momma was a better momma than I :) So, while most of my days leading up to this glorious trip were spent just trying to get her to close her eyes for just. fifteen. minutes. pleeeeease – she gets overly tired and then OMGOSH she becomes a screaming, thrashing, non sleeping terror – it was so nice to have this little glimmer of hope that in just a couple days, if I wanted to, I could close my eyes for four whole days and not open them again till we had to drive home, you know, if I really wanted to. IMG_4620IMG_4617
^^A parents paradise! You can practically see the sleep gods singing!!^^
Every afternoon, they would have homemade smores which I’m usually not a fan of, but these were amazing! Every day around 4, I’d start to get very excited that it was ALMOST SMORE TIME!!!IMG_5516
I think this was my problem! I always had smores on the beach at a bonfire! Umm… sand and sticky. No. Snow. Snow is the place to have them.
He let us order room service! So fancyyyy!
IMG_5508 Although they didn’t have a very good selection of things to choose from but ^^ mmm melty cheese… My first instinct on this pregnancy was boy but I dunno – these cravings are looking awfully familiar. My cousin came over the other day for grilled cheese and tomato soup and I may have slid a side of mac and cheese in there too. I held off on the quesadilla side as to not appear completely insane but man, melty cheese is my everything right now. And cake. I can’t tell you how much I looked forward to Abbie’s party because of the ample amounts of cake I knew would be present. Anyways, we really wanted to re-create the ice cream sundae scene from Home Alone 2, but this was the best they could do. IMG_5509
I’ll take it. And this is my hunk of a husband.IMG_5510
And this is the view from our room.IMG_5511
And these pictures are obviously very thought out and organized.
There was lots of hand holding,IMG_4803
And walks through the glowy snow,IMG_4776
And warming oneself by the fire.
Isn’t it dreamyyyy??IMG_5517IMG_4801IMG_4804
And there’s us. This is the most non blurry attempt. Most of our pictures turn out like this. IMG_5503
We took a trip down into the village on the magical gondola and watched all the ice skaters and talked about how bad we were at ice skating, thought about showing each other proof, and decided to go nap some more instead. IMG_5514IMG_5502IMG_4729 (1)
Greg evennnnn let us get a couple’s massage! Greg HATES massages. I have no idea what is wrong with him but he does not like them. I could be rubbed all day every day and it still wouldn’t be enough so this was a big deal. I looked forward to this more than anything! Carrying around a heavy little toddler for most of the day tryinggggg to get her to fall asleep? My shoulders/ back/ all of me ached for a day such as this. The problem was we told them I was pregnant which made them freak out and have to call all their managers to see if it was okay to perform such a dangerous act. They decided to proceed cautiously and as Greg climbed into his warm, heated bed of soothing comfort, mine was cold and shivery. She said she was only allowed to rub very lightly and by very lightly she really meant not at all so I got a good application of whatever pregnancy safe ointment they were allowed to put on but at least Greg is a little more fond of massages now :) Oddly enough, she said, “I hope you’re not too sore from the slopes!” …wait, so I’m allowed to snowboard and tumble down a hill at lightening speed and you can’t press any harder than THIS! I’m not bitter at all. Anyways, as I shivered through that experience, I can’t say it was what I had envisioned in my daydreaming of such an event, but it was relaxing and getting to sip cider with my husband watching the snow afterwards, was simply lovely.
And then! We got one real good dinner so here are your bajillion pictures to document. Because I know everyone likes looking at these as much as I do. I obviously found the mirror on the ceiling entertaining. IMG_5512
And we got to sit at the counter and watch all the action and talk to the chefs and each thing. It was very fun :) IMG_5513
See look how happy. IMG_5501
First things first, my husband went off booze this whole trip with me, which meant the world! I know that’s not a big deal to some people but it meant so much to have someone know how hard it is to have a nice meal with no wine to go with it. But they did make us these very good festive mocktails :) so there’s that. IMG_5494
And then there were five courses of savory goodness.
IMG_4728 (1)IMG_5495IMG_5496IMG_5497IMG_5498
And by then we were praying for strength. And then a cheese course.IMG_5499
And then two desserts and I wanted to burst. IMG_4685IMG_4686
And if you didn’t know I was pregnant before, there was no hiding it (or Greg’s baby) after!IMG_5500
Your belly sure does pop out more the second time. With just a hint of food ;)
We had the best time sleeping and sleeping and sleeping some more. And I had some glorious baths in the deepest bath I’ve ever seen that didn’t have dirt coming out of the drain or yellow stained on the sides! It. was. heavenly. And I actually got to read a real book by a fire with the snow coming down! And I’m so glad I took this picture because as soon as we got home, Abbie took the sleeve out that was holding my place and now I know around what page I was on ;) This is a very rambling post. You’re welcome. IMG_5515
And then one night, I got out of the bath and they had brought us all of these lovely things! Chocolate covered strawberries and a whole CAKE and champagne that we looked at longingly! I felt so very spoiled. IMG_5504IMG_5505
I hope there will be more celebrating of anniversaries in the future because now I’ve been severely spoiled ;)
And even though that girl makes me want to curl up in a corner and stop trying, I missed her so much and it was so nice to get back to this goodness.IMG_5506
And hearing that my experienced parents had a hard time too wasn’t so bad :) THANK YOU guys for taking on this girl and letting us get away for a bit. You are our saviors!!


  1. Taylor Welty says

    I don’t know how I missed this one! I was WONDERING if I’d ever see pictures of the trip, and they were here all along. Humph. It looks like it was such a magical experience! Especially magical in the sleep department ;) I’m so glad you guys got some alone time, too. You two are the cutest :)


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