She Flew!

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terrific trips

IMG_1710Ahhhhh! We did it! First trip under our belt! Miss Little and her Grammy and I took a trip to Atlanta for the Annual Portrait Conference. You may remember I signed up for this little escapade in an excited daze when she was still inside me, just 14 weeks along, when my mind dreamily envisioned her sleeping for the full first year of life. Ya, I have dreaded it every day since. How many diapers do you bring? What about transportation? and carseats? and her little ears popping in the airplane and and and… But we did it! And she was an angel. traveling clothes
And this hat was worn. Because I still can. Can you hardly stand the cuteness!? I can’t. I’m completely enamored by this human I birthed. Just wait for Halloween. Just wait.

We got off on the fabulous foot of forgetting her birth certificate so as to prove she was under two. I didn’t realize there was any question? The internet said as long as she didn’t look close to two, we’d be fine. They lied. Luckily, Greg was home and could text me a picture so all was well. And then my suitcase was over two pounds so I got to haul all her diapers around the airport with the big diaper bag and the baby, but my I looked prepared! No blowouts on my watch! Just kidding. There were many. Those diapers… I’m not a fan. Oh blessed cloth diapers, I missed you so.

So this girl. She’s kind of a dream. I’m just waiting for her to enter into the nightmare stage and was fully prepared for such a stage to start whilst flying in a tube of metal that cannot be escaped. I don’t know what is up with her but I’ll take it! I’m not even kidding. She didn’t cry the entire trip. She just slept, and smiled and was angel baby the entire time. She was the best little traveler!

IMG_1707Everyone was so polite. I don’t think anyone has ever given up their seat for me before but in Georgia, we had people coming up and over from across the train to offer us their seats. I was so touched! The cleaning lady at the hotel saw me fumbling to get my key and ran over to let me into my room. It was so nice and rather refreshing! I was with the bell of the ball. Everyone was completely enamored by this girl – she had people saying, oh! there’s our baby! They would full on rub her head, ask to hold her, pick her up and kiss her! It was so sweet but rather shocking as well, that’s not all that common here in CA ;) It was so special to see everyone light up around her. Even Daniel Greene gave her a big smile! I was so proud. I was in the restroom changing her and all the women started to awhhh and one woman in a stall was like, “is that that baby!?” and then she came out and told me my baby was legendary at the conference. Talk about mother pride.

Mom and I had the best time. We ordered room service, listened to incredible artists speak and watched them paint, I puked (as is customary on vacations), Abbie decided now would be an excellent time to test out those vocal chords, we sat by the pool, and had a really nice time in such a pretty city. I really like Atlanta… it’s green :) And did I mention my momma won FIFTH PLACE in an INTERNATIONAL PORTRAIT COMPETITION!!!! ANNNNDDDD she won People’s Choice which is such a huge honor. Seriously, it’s a big deal and I’m so proud of her.


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^^her banquet dress :) gimme all the heart eyes because that one looked like a little sparkly happy cloud

She was so good the whole time – she didn’t cry once! I’ve found she thrives on attention and that certainly was not in short supply that weekend… I did however, have to adjust my expectations for how much of the conference I’d actually get to listen to. She didn’t cry but she did like to carry on full, loud conversations with herself to the amusement and horror of the other attendees. So we spent quite a bit of time in the lobby or by the pool :) We still had a good time.

And then we were off to Alabama for a couple of my mom’s photo shoots! Oh. My. Goodness. If I thought Georgia was pretty, Alabama must be a little slice of green lovers heaven! You know, well, because I’m still highly hormonal, having JUST given birth and all ;) it took my breath away with its beauty! I kept finding myself gasping! I may have teared up from all that glorious green ;) Oh my goodness the highways are even gorgeous! And I am revealing myself to be a sad little creature. It was pretty, ok? And it smelled divine. And the houses you can buy there in our price range are UHmazing etc etc etc. We went to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and were taking pictures of all that beauty and I heard this guy walk by and say, “what are they taking pictures of? I have that in my backyard…” And it’s true! Every street we drove down in Mountain Brook was crazy beautiful. My mom kept reminding me that it was spring and it doesn’t always look like this and they have tornados and it gets hot and and and. But in the end, I missed dry ol California and couldn’t wait to get back to it and of course, my beloved :) But still. Green green green.
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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset^^even their weeds are pretty!! I want them in my yard :)

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So there is our little trip in a nutshell :) I had the most lovely time with my momma and I just love hanging out with that little nugget. It was such a special treat.
And then, I prayed she would stay good for just one more trip, and she was. Hallelujah. I applaud you family travelers. I can’t imagine what it would be like when she can actually move about…
I guess we’ll have to just wait and see!

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