Why picnic in a park when you could picnic in a cemetery?

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Need I explain? By now I feel like you should just know these are the things we do. Because we are weird. And apparently slightly creepy… But anyways, pictures from the weekend… because it feels rare to actually get out of our house these days…. and my girl went to a pumpkin patch…. and her momma took WAYYYY too many pictures.IMG_1586 IMG_1587

^^This is why Grammy is the favorite. She does the sock shake with no shame ;)
^^(I’m so glad I brought a blanket) But then there was wine tasting and perfect fall weather and then sunny fall weather and all things lovely and this girl was sooooo serious because she refused to miss out on anything fun by sleeping through it.
^^What do you do at a pumpkin patch? Stand your child up beside them and take pictures of course. And I give you, one hundred more… IMG_1591IMG_1568IMG_1567IMG_1566

She’s the best standing girl! IMG_1593
Her sweet little profile :)
^^I told you she was serious^^
Where’s Abbie?? Yeeee! Good gracious I love her :)
Greg let me go nuts on the pumpkins this year, bless his heart <3

Nothing beats days like these… a drive up the gorgeous coast… family… wine mmmmm…. pumpkin patches!! cider!!! pie!!! and homemade hasenpfeffer by a fire when you get home! We are mighty blessed :)


  1. Taylor Welty says

    Have I told you how much I missed being with my family that day? And how I was stuck working at a table :[ but I love the title of this post ;)


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