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terrific trips / wedded bliss

IMG_3236 copySo here is the little shack my husband took me to celebrate our last mini vacation as just the two of us for, probably, forever. It was glorious. We got there early so we could take advantage of that pool from heaven and smartly left our sunscreen in our bags going to the room. We now strongly resemble lobsters. But there were pina coladas and burgers and each wonderful thing! IMG_3157 

And then after getting sufficiently roasted, we decided to go for a walk and stumbled upon heavenly lands! You must know I love the beach. Greg likes the beach but hates sand so it’s very hard for me to get him to go with me. You guys. This place! It had chaises that they bring onto the sand! Look how happy that made us. Just lookit. IMG_3245 copy

Genuine smiles over here. And this is my happy place. Also, this is my party trick. IMG_3243 copy

Wherever we go, there is always a woman more pregnant than me. So, here is my solution for getting good service too. Tada! IMG_3240 copy

And then this room was ready. That bathtub was heavenly and had absolutely no brown film on it. Aaaaand look at that sink! We stood side by side and got ready with giddy smiles of glee. Not one bit of ducking or squeezing needed here! Oh, and then there was this view. IMG_3125

Do you see how blue the water is?? Not to mention all this loveliness came with treats! IMG_3160 copy

Yeee. How very dear. And my favoritest! Chocolate strawberries :) :) Way to make a girl feel ridiculously spoiled. IMG_3164 copy

And there were girl drinks and boy drinks and out of this world good meals. And delightful foggy mornings that came with delicious breakfasts and heavenly coffees.


And then we spent the day walking around Laguna and having delicious lunches and getting things for our little girl… and maybe some things for ourselves. Greg got some of the coolest sunglasses I’ve ever seen because he “happened” to leave his at home. I got some too since my beloved ones got a giant scratch right across where your eye looks out, but I keep seeing his and how cool they are and wish they were mine. And there was gelato and I’m sure birds were singing and waves were crashing and the sun was shining!!! And then as if we weren’t stuffed and spoiled enough, that one guy took me to the fancy restaurant with the glorious view and we had the fancy meal with the little plates and watched the sun set. IMG_3161

And he wore his umbrella hat.

Then there was another delightful breakfast and lots more pool time.IMG_3186
Just lookit how cool his sunnies are. I’m jealous. And then we remembered the heaven from days ago and wandered back down to the beach. Seriously, could this setup be more perfect??IMG_3247IMG_3215

I got seriously blue when Greg said we had to leave early to miss traffic. IMG_3249

Goodbye Laguna!! We will miss you and your out of this world beauty!!

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