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terrific trips / wedded bliss

I miss writing, I really do. It’s such a nice little outlet for me to remember the happies of life and prematurely laugh at the stupid things that continue to happen despite my best efforts to be classy and graceful at all times. HA. Anyways, the strangest thing keeps happening… every time I go to write something, the only title that comes to mind is “I HATE PAINTING” with the following content: I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT. The end. Remember how I was all starry eyed and enamored by old houses that we can carefully make our own and enjoy each waking hour of the renovation process? Ya. I’m with Greg. New houses are awesome. Get the new houses. Just kidding. I’m still a lover of all things old yet I have found I am also a lover of other people painting my house for me :) Please, kind person, restore away to your hearts content. I will happily watch. I can’t seem to express to you how bad I am at this seemingly simple task called painting. They make it look so easy and Greg is excellent at giving tips that don’t work for the life of me. Most of my painting experience involves cleaning up the mess I can’t help but make. IT GOES EVERYWHERE AND I CAN’T SEEM TO STOP IT. THE CHILD CRAWLS NOW AND LOVES TO DIP HER HANDS IN BUCKET SHAPED OBJECTS AND THEN SMEAR. These are my days. And if you were wondering, yes I am painting my already white house even more white. I have a problem. But really, not all whites are created equal and although my daughter is hearing a steady stream of words I vowed to never say around her, I think it will be worth it. Or you can just come visit me in the asylum I seem to be creating for myself. Anyways, we have been doing things other than painting so without further ado, I give you, a million pictures about nothing.

Because I can’t seem to fit this in anywhere else and it kinda cracks me up, here we have moms waiting room amusement as we wait for auntie’s surgery to finish up:IMG_0193
She’s obviously just as thrilled with her new headdress.

Aaaand that’s all I have of that. Moving on…. Last week we took a trip to LA because we missed it so. Just kidding, but we did miss the people! so we went and stayed with all the friends we could squeeze into seven days. Which was awesome. We had a blast. But among all the travel and visiting with friends, we had one of the most surreal experiences of our lives. There was one night we had to ourselves so Greg found this little place on Airbnb and blew my mind sockets. And I took a thousand pictures trying to remember it. Gotta say it was kinda creepy driving up up up the mountain to nowhereland and getting up there and only hearing wind but my gosh was it cool! See!IMG_0198 (1)IMG_0208

The place was an airstream perched on the cliffs above Malibu. The guy that owns it took off the side facing the ocean and replaced it with glass sliding doors which was, you know, awesome. We left them open all night and listened to the NATURE all around us whilst getting eaten alive by mosquitos but MY was it worth it. The weather was absolutely perfect – you didn’t even need a jacket! and we got to watch the most stunning sunset…. sooooooo dreammmyyyy except the crawling baby that was fascinated by the sheer drop on that deck there. She seemed so happy crawling all about and smiling at whatever she was smiling at. She’s the most curious little creature! IMG_0200
Our car was obviously involved in a Toyota commercial.IMG_0206
And you guys. The toilet view. I just had to take a picture so, you’re welcome. IMG_0207
Glamping at its finest!IMG_0205

I’m happy to report we put those glass doors to good use and got a solid three sips of beverage before she realized the cage situation was not fair.


But then! And I wasn’t kidding about the million pictures…. we woke up from our mosquito riddled sleep to this. The coolest must surreal thing I’ve ever seen first thing in the morning!IMG_0212
And for my current favorite picture of this one. She’s such a little goof! IMG_0216
And again with the perfect weather! No jacket needed! IMG_0217IMG_0218

And this is her, oh you wanted to sleep some more? face. IMG_0219 Did I mention the personality is in full effect?

Some people are more sparkly in the morning than others…IMG_0221

Also, these two <3


And then we took our token family selfie and headed down the hill. And in the interest of killing time, Greg performed the ultimate loving sacrifice and took a spontaneous trip to the beach with me. AND took care of a sandy baby!IMG_0230
AND took her on some errands and I got to enjoy a full hour of this. Oh. Em. Gee. IMG_0231
This guy. I am a fan of him. IMG_0232

And then last week, my whole family threw us a surprise housewarming party. I am very hard to surprise. I am still surprised by this. They brought food and drinks and flowers and TOOLS!!!! I am seriously still blown away. And I only took one bad picture but it gets a spot since I want to remember this forever :)IMG_0234
And Greg took a picture of the most delicious cake in the world. heheheIMG_0237

And last but not least, this weekend we headed down to Carmel for my friends wedding and left the babe with the grandparents. I thought we had left her before but I realized this was the first time to be out just the two of us and it. was. awesome. and much needed. Sleep was had and I have missed it. In contrast, I got to book the room this time. In my defense, I only had a week and everything and I mean everything was booked for the 15 events taking place down there. So we ended up here. And Greg said I’m never allowed to pick the place again ;) IMG_0148
But still, we had such a fun time and without a baby in it, that bed felt ENORMOUS ;)

Here’s to another week that will probably involve paint! Love you all!


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