Oh Santa Cruz, how I miss you

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I’m not sure why but I’ve been especially homesick lately. Luckily it was my best friends birthday this last weekend so I had an excuse to hit the road and rush upwards and onwards! Poor Greg had to stay home and work and work and work but he was ever so sweet and took me on a date to the magical land of Glendale before I left…. to get sushi. American pregnancy books say no no NO to all fun things it seems – including raw fishies. So I ate my chicken while pretending it was something slightly more exotic and smiled but cried inside when the waiter brought me a little cup of sake to enjoy with my date. I gave my husband my best pleading “one little cup wouldn’t really hurt the baby” eyes, and enjoyed every bit of it. Until the middle of the night hit and I woke up in a panic convinced my tiny cup of sake will produce a mutant child. FYI, if this happens to you, try not to turn to google. Every article I read (in the middle of the night) said that even researching the affects of alcohol on babies makes you an alcoholic. So there it is. You might as well send child services now. Hence why I have turned to my trusty French pregnancy book that says be wise, reasonable, and use your common sense because a stressed out, fear laden pregnant lady isn’t exactly ideal either.

^^magical lands ...really they just have a mesmerizing fountain that I could stare at for probly forever ^^

^^magical lands …really they just have a mesmerizing fountain that I could stare at for probly forever ^^

^^ he's just the cutest ^^

^^ he’s just the cutest ^^

^^ we tried so hard to take a decent picture but most of them ended up like this ^^

^^ we tried so hard to take a decent picture but most of them ended up like this ^^

So off I went with my little yellow dog to surprise my sister for the weekend. She was very surprised. Greg and I make it our life goal to get Taylor to cry. She did. Success!! And then there was food. Oh how I miss the food. Since Greg’s been working so late, our meals have gotten simpler and simpler and the chicken… oh the chicken… it seems to always be there… So this. This was a vacation for my little tastebuds. photo 5 (12)

photo 1 (27)

photo 5 (14)

photo 5 (13)

photo 2 (25)Look at that^ I finally got part of my passover meal craving satisfied ; ) Anyways, I had the most wonderful time. It was SO SO good to see my family (and much needed). I got to spend the whole day with my momma in Carmel! We even saw some whales and experienced every possible type of weather in a day. photo 4 (18)

photo 3 (20)We got to do some shopping for our diddle baby! She even got to practice holding her future grandchild ; ) She’s the dearest.photo 1 (31)We celebrated Taywhad’s birthday in the dreamy gardens of Filoli. We thought we were sooooo funny showing off my mossy baby bump. photo 2 (26)

photo 3 (19)This was of course followed by more feasting (I am starting to see why the 10 lbs piled on so quickly..) photo 4 (19)She’s so pretty. There were pool days and garden days and shopping days and fun days. The only thing missing was my Greg. Hopefully we will both be back before you know it! Thanks fambily for the wonderful time. It was such a treat and I felt so very spoiled. I love you!! Happy birthday my beautiful Taywhad!! You are such a treasure!! photo 1 (30)


  1. Taylor Welty says

    Oh Boo! You DID make me have tears off choi!! I couldn’t believe my little eyes. What a HUGE birthday gift that was to me!! I had the most wonderfulest time with my sis! Thank you, thank you, thank you for driving allll that way for me (and mom and dad and the food hehe)! I loves you so very much, my beautiful sis!


    • Thank YOU for being born! I had the most wonderful time (if you couldn’t tell). I may have been slightly gloomy ever since I got back ;) luff you!!!


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