Our “Snow” Trip

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IMG_6463Thursday night, Greg came home to his sobbing, nursing wife, blubbering about how all she wanted to do that day was to make a nice meal and make herself pretty for him – obviously neither of which actually got done. I love my husband. He just laughs at me. Although I never managed to escape the homeless lady look I had going on, I did get to whip up some sort of something edible once I had an extra pair of hands to hold the girl that wanted to be held (no it wasn’t me), and it was a lovely night. Vacations are great – and apparently so needed these days. Although, I still feel like I’m on the never ending vacation, living with my parents and their excellent hospitality skills, wondering why we are overstaying our welcome and still haven’t left to go back to our own home, it’s nice to take a vacation from that vacation and get out of town for a bit.

Off to Tahoe we headed for our much anticipated snow trip. The drive was nothing short of miraculous. Abbie slept the. entire. time. Greg drummed his air drums I love so much. I tried to figure out the lyrics to all the Jimmy Eat World songs. Just try to figure out what Bleed American is saying. I bet you’ve never even thought about it. We saw the flurry of snow at one point. We saw clumps here and there. And that was about it. My cousin’s little girl mentioned something about never getting to live out her dreams (of snow). I can’t wait till my girl makes such dramatic statements. I really can’t wait. Right now I’m ecstatic she’s learning sounds other than grunts. Anyways, snow. There was none. But then! While we were sleeping! We woke up to a winter wonderland! (to put it in Bella’s words) And there was like, a whole inch everywhere! ;) Obviously we went for a walk amongst such loveliness. 

In possibly the most thrilling moment of them all, I finally got to test out my new rain boots that I’ve been wearing rain or shine because I love them so. They totally worked. IMG_6621 (1)


Little Bug was all bundled up and toasty and well, asleep as always. I had to poke her a lot just to see if she’s still breathing because my mind always goes there and well, she’s the most quiet, still, sleeper I’ve ever met, with the limpest limbs when she’s really out, so you really can’t blame that mind of mine for thinking such things. IMG_6588 (1)

Since our snow boots/clothes/everything were in storage, such snow play was mightily limited so this was the main activity of the weekend: IMG_6619

She’s a good little sport ;) I really can’t say enough how blessed I feel to have such an awesome, loving, supportive family. Trips with these guys are the highlights of my life. So anyways, there was a lot of reading, and lounging, and watching the snow fall those two times, and it was positively dreamy. And also, this girl. Well, I haven’t been around many one month olds so I’m not sure what’s normal, but this girls been standing with very little assistance for the last couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure I have the strongest baby in the world on my hands (or a completely normal one but where is the fun in that?) She’s the best. IMG_6613


  1. CinnyPinny says

    Hilly, that picture of Bug on the couch is TOO, TOO CUTE! Also, the one of you holding her all bundled up; you look so beautiful ! I think we should send it in to a magazine – it should be seen by the masses. You just glow!


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