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Happy Birthday! Anniversary! Fathers Day!

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Last week was hard on me because I made the big decision to put away my paints for a while to focus on other things at this stage in our journey. It felt very much like I was losing a part of myself or had failed in some way since I never actually got to see it go anywhere, per say. Hopefully later on down the road, I’ll get to do it again but for now, I […]

9 Weeks

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Bump bump bump – yes this counts as a bump! Craziness that our little babe has got everything in place to grow grow grow! Gosh, I sound like the goose on Charlotte’s Web. Anyways let’s use this handy dandy questionnaire from every other maternity blog on the interwebs to keep track! How far along? 9 weeks! Last month of the first trimester! Please energy, please come back. Weight Gained: Imma go with 4 lbs still… the dreaded scale […]

Days of Love and Paintings

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Valentine’s Day is the one magical day a year where the color gods came together and said pink and red shall be put side by side and actually make people happy, not angry. It seems like such a happy holiday, however subconsciously I think both Greg and I dread it a little. You see, our first Valentine’s together was a bad one and I think we both fear that it will happen again. That was […]

HEY-O marriage paid off!

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At least for taxes! This was the first year Greg actually got money back (cause his sneaky, resourceful wife was hiding money away muhaha). I was so very sad because I’ve always gotten money back in the past which made me oh so happy (perks of having a low paying job and filling out your tax form incorrectly!) but it was always a nice little reward at the end, er, beginning of the year. So! I’ve been […]

Balls and Christmas Balls ; )

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Clearly, someone must have told him : ) My little doggy mommy heart is breaking cause my yellow son is losing his manhood today. Every time I would remember, I would get all shaky and nauseous feeling and I just knew he could tell something was up. Alas, hopefully a calm, non-humping boy will return : ) But today his happy little presence is very much missed. BUT LET’S NOT FORGET IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!! […]

Weekends and Weekends

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Oh dear.. I have been slacking on my documenting our first year of marriage duties… I figure you can only write about doing piles and piles of laundry so many times.. Let’s think back. When we were dating, I got so annoyed at Greg for saying he would rather pay someone to build a garden teepee for our kids than build one himself. (Apparently, these were the things that upset me in those days) I […]


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I love gloomy days in Fall. I’m quite surprised Southern California has had as many as it’s had! It gives me an excuse to light candles during the day and drink tea – neither of which I am doing now but I am still enjoying the grey. I was sick all weekend so it’s nice to be out of bed for longer than five minutes before getting queasy. I think Greg learned from our honeymoon […]

Happy Halloween!!

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A sad holiday is one where there is no one to spend it with because you may have waited until the last minute to plan anything. But we are not ones to mope around and feel sorry for ourselves so out came the loud Halloween party music, the pile of hurriedly bought candy (I break into cold sweats when I think of kids coming to a house with no candy!), and naturally, our wedding clothes. […]

Cozy Nights

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On our first date I told Greg I wasn’t high maintenance, I just liked nice things. It probably didn’t help that I worked at a high-end residential interior design firm for three years either. Your reality becomes very skewed. All of a sudden any bed under $20,000 seems like a great deal! It’s sad when reality sets in and you realize how much higher that high-end really is ; ) All that to say, we […]

Good Things

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The first night we moved in, we saw something horrifying. Ourselves. In the mirror. Except it wasn’t a mirror, it was our front window. The lovely tenants before us installed a one way mirror film on the front windows – I’m assuming for privacy except I think they put it on the wrong side. This meant everyone could see in but we could not see out. So, as we looked around our empty cheaply put […]