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Clearly, someone must have told him : ) My little doggy mommy heart is breaking cause my yellow son is losing his manhood today. Every time I would remember, I would get all shaky and nauseous feeling and I just knew he could tell something was up. Alas, hopefully a calm, non-humping boy will return : ) But today his happy little presence is very much missed. BUT LET’S NOT FORGET IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!

Monday night was Christmas night! I spent all day getting the house ready and making it smell Christmassy. I was oh so happy until my landlord came by to pick up the check and asked me why I still don’t have a job and why don’t I want one. Of course the house was still a mess from getting home the night before and throwing things about in our valiant effort to find something at the bottom of the suitcase, so I couldn’t really argue the case that I am a “homemaker” ; ) Actually the rooms she was supposed to see (aka the front room and maaayyyybeee the kitchen if she really peered in far) were clean but I told her our bathroom sink was clogged and she insisted on seeing for herself. Ahhh the embarrassment and humiliation as I opened the purposefully closed door to what seemed like every pair of underwear I own thrown about in the most unusual places around the room for her to see and judge (not to mention our under the sink not-so-orderliness including humiliating products we most certainly all have but don’t really want to showcase), only to come to her masterful observation that this has already happened once (before we moved in) and that Greg should try to fix it first and if he can’t then she shall call for a plumber : ) Ah well.. back to the Christmas night! We had some delicious pork chops with cranberry, port, rosemary sauce from my NEW cookbook given to us by my ridiculously sweet sister, and hot steaming wassail and each thing! We got our tree from the nicest man who gave us a big discount cause it was our first time and even delivered it and set it up for free! I love love loved decorating it with Greg cause he was so cute and carefully placed each ornament : ) : ) Honestly, I have been thinking about this day since I was a little girl.. My family has exchanged ornaments each year rather than gifts so my parents pretty much have the coolest tree ever. I was always so proud to bring my friends over cause it looked like a Christmas store. So, naturally I dreaded the day when I would branch out on my own and have to start from nothing.. BUT it doesn’t look so bad! We got some cheap glass balls and it looks rather festive! The only sad thing is, I can’t find where I safely stashed away my San Francisco ornament : ( I personally think, Greg found it and laid it to rest in it’s home in the trash : [ I was so very excited to put it up this year, but OH well. 

^^they are just the cutest : ) : )

We even got half a strand of lights put up outside (we ran out of the clips and can’t seem to find any more at any of the stores we’ve gone to). I would have kept the search going, but Greg hit a pot hole on his way home from work the other day and got a flat tire, and I just looked at my cars tires last night since my low tire alert has been on for quite a while (whoops) and one also seems to be dangerously low.. Greg says it’s so low we have to take it off to take it to the station to fill it up!.. SO with two flat tires, we are stranded here until my wonderful husband comes to the rescue after work today, hopefully : )

This does mean, he has been working from home (hooray!) but yesterday was my embellishment day – the day where I was hoping to do craft projects that would make our home dazzle! Unfortunately, I went to heat up the wassail for my day of crafting and promptly forgot about it until I started to wonder, ‘how is Greg making toast? We don’t have any bread..’ aaaaand insert house full of smokey smell for the rest of the day, not to mention no wassail. I kept on with the crafting though and at the end of the day I had four ugly stars to prove my worth in life. Thus, the one day my hardworking husband works from home, he witnesses a wife that can neither cook nor craft : ) I didn’t even have a car to go get some glue and glitter so all I have to show for it are these poorly held together, badly executed, made-out-of-trash-bag, origami stars. I believe his exact words were, “DIY projects blow.” As I saw the hours ticking away, I thought, “Lina is right! If only I had a job, I could make enough in this amount of time to buy beautiful real decorations!” But the memories.. the memories. Actually, as ugly as they are, I am a bit proud that everything was free and from things we already had : ) This makes me awfully happy. I even trimmed the tree some more with ribbons saved from our wedding gifts : D So, if you bought us a big gift and put a ribbon on it, thank you. It is probably on our tree. Today I shall attempt gingerbread houses. BAH. I actually have had an awfully fun time attempting to decorate. My mom even let us borrow her guest room bedside tables so HALLELUJAH we have a place to put our coffee in the morning, not to mention a Christmas candle and small bouquet of goodness! Whelp, that’s it for now! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your Christmas season.. and if you’re not, I know how you feel. I went into Bed Bath & Beyond the other day and four Christmas songs were playing at the same time. It made me want to strangle an elf. And then I understood why some people hate Christmas : ) Happy Wednesday and if you think of it, pray a prayer for my lil Bentley : ) He’s a really good dog!


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    My dear Hil,

    What fun times for all three of you. In years to come you will look back on these memories and it will help make an otherwise bland day filled with lots of smiles! My love to you. I LOVE your Christmas tree! I did give Greg all of the ornaments I had put on his little tree, that he had in his room. They are of the things he was doing at the time-basketball ect.

    Hugs & 18 days and counting!


    • Thanks Lory! Yes we did put up the couple of ornaments you gave him including little Greg on the wooden tree (my favorite) : ) Can’t wait to see you!!


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