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date night / home / that dog Bentley

I love gloomy days in Fall. I’m quite surprised Southern California has had as many as it’s had! It gives me an excuse to light candles during the day and drink tea – neither of which I am doing now but I am still enjoying the grey. I was sick all weekend so it’s nice to be out of bed for longer than five minutes before getting queasy. I think Greg learned from our honeymoon and was happy to let me rest : ) He’s the sweetest and brought some lovely white tulips to cheer me up. Aaaand some chicken noodle soup and crackers… sometimes nothing tastes better. Luckily we had one great date night on Friday before the sickness decided to check in and I became a great hole of need. He showed me around Glendale which reminded me a bit of what would happen if Vegas and Santana Row had a child. I liked it. Plus we had some pretty kickin’ sushi and we all know that pretty places that serve good food always dazzle me. We ate way too much, felt sick, and naturally ordered more food to eat during our movie. ..Popcorn is tradition and must not be broken due to some lack of restraint at some meal! That darn smell when you walk into a theater. It instantly exposes my great weakness towards any buttery goodness. Why is it that most people cannot eat popcorn slowly? All of a sudden it becomes a fight to the death as we see who can fit the most into their mammoth grip and successfully shove these contents into their overly opened mouth. One time Greg and I tried to eat popcorn one by one. It was not enjoyable. 

Glendale also had nice shops! I forget why we went into Sur La Table but we did and Greg found a cocktail strainer and this special stir stick that he’s been wanting which is great because we’ve been looking for this specific one for forever buuuut there goes yet another stocking stuffer idea : ) Sigh, boys are hard to shop for 1) because they can usually just buy whatever they want (and they do) and 2) if they can’t buy it themselves, it’s usually, how do we say, expensive. Thus all my gifts end up homemade or part of the annual sock collection.

Anyways, that dog is getting bigger. He’s currently going through a phase of being fascinated by putting his paws in the water while he drinks and then hopping around gleefully, in blissful splendor. This also explains the mystery of the constantly wet floor. His favorite spot to nap is still under the bed. Unfortunately he’s having a harder and harder time maneuvering under there. I often wonder how he is going to cope when he no longer fits at all! Poor lil growing boy. He’s also getting his coarser wavy hair on his back : ) I miss the days of carrying him around from room to room just cause I could.

^^little puppy Bentley

And finally (and this I am very excited about!!), I decided with Greg and my love of entertaining (and lack of being able to properly, sans table), our guest room would be better served as a dining room. Well actually I moved my studio back to the guest room and the studio has now become the dining room. In other words we now have a dining room and a studio. That was confusing. Anyways, I hadn’t been open to it earlier because well, I really wanted a place for people to stay if they needed and well, also because I didn’t want to give up my giant window in my studio ; ) But surprisingly, I love being back there and can’t wait to finish getting the house in order so I can start working again! We still have a blow up bed so of course you are all welcome to visit and stay ANYTIME but I’m ridiculously excited to have a dining room table again. Who knew how much we missed it! So, alas, things are coming together and I’m liking this place more and more. So come visit! Please : )

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