Our Little Girl

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Oh my, where do I start? Hallelujah! This was the first weekend that my husband didn’t have to work ONE BIT in oh I don’t know, over a month! I miss that guy so much. We had the most relaxing Saturday morning with, did I mention? no work! We went to the camera shop to see if we could get my beloved camera and lens fixed but they said it would cost as much as the camera is worth now :'( so I’ll have to just keep taking my crappy iphone pictures until the magical day comes when a new one appears in my hands! Then we headed with great anticipation to see how our Little was doing. So, this was the special 1 hour anatomy scan where they basically look over everything and make sure baby is growing ok. For this, you need to drink a boatload of water an hour before and then wait and wait and wait until your name is called at the office. Finally! our name was called but then followed with “why are you here so early? your appointment isn’t until 6?” Sigh. I even checked before we left just to make sure because I KNEW something like this was going to happen. So, I happily made my way to the bathroom and we reset our expectations for 6.

^^ these are our 2 o'clock appointment faces ^^

^^ these are our 2 o’clock appointment faces ^^

^^ these are our 6 o'clock appointment faces ^^

^^ these are our 6 o’clock appointment faces ^^

Six o’clock came and then 6:15 and then a doctor who said he was running about 45 min behind and then my bladder cried a little on the inside but, she’s a good one, that bladder of mine, and powered through until 7 o’clock when I hobbled my full self into the little dark room. The doctor looked at me and said “You look very pregnant.” I told him it was mostly water and he said that’s what they all say. Then up came the screen along with “WOAH you have a full bladder!” I told you. He said he couldn’t work with this and told me to go empty it 80%…… how does one tell how much 80% of their bladder is?? I’m not really in the habit of emptying half of it and then going on with my day so this was a fun new little challenge. And this is sarcasm. And this is also me approaching mom-hood as I talk openly about my bladder. Oh how things change ;) Anyways, after several more attempts of getting the 80% right, checking, trying again, checking aaaand we got a workable mid section! I pictured this being a really cool experience – an hour of seeing our baby!? Yes please. Instead, he never turned the screen to me so I really didn’t get to see anything and when I did, he never explained what exactly we were looking at but he did say the magic words at the end… after I asked him if everything was okay… he said “oh ya – it all looks fine!” Whew. He started wiping all the goo off my belly and said we were done and I said waaaaait aren’t you going to tell us what it is?? Ohhhh, he says, I didn’t know you wanted to know. Flashed it up real quick again – “It’s a girl. I’m 99.92% sure” So there you have it. Baby girl : )

Right before we went in, Greg asked, final guess? This entire time I’ve been convinced it was a girl – mostly because she had a super high heart rate – 185! (at 8 weeks) and the location of her placenta was always on the side that soooome people have suggested was the girls side… plus there was the freakish amount of sweets this not-really-into-sweets-person was craving all of a sudden. Anyways, about a week ago I started to think, well what if it IS a boy (which I’d be totally stoked about too) but probably would be a bit shocked with my hard core girl convincing that I’d been doing… so then I started to entertain that idea of a baby boy and all of a sudden I had convinced myself it was a little boy. SO when he said girl, needless to say, I was shocked. Ha! Plus the one ultrasound picture he sent home with us, strongly resembled a monkey complete with a round little muzzle which added to even more confusion in my shocked state – I don’t look like a monkey… you don’t look like a monkey… why does our daughter look like a monkey?? But the more I looked at her, the cuter she became :) I can’t wait to meet this little one. I think I’m still slightly shocked. I’m not really huge yet and haven’t had any horrendous pregnancy symptoms so to say there is a human inside of me, and that that human is developed enough to show that she’s a girl, kind of makes it so real and slightly overwhelming.

I was thinking about her and how amazing it is that God knew this little one before she was even formed and picked her specifically for us – well gosh. It’s just such a miracle isn’t it? I want her to know her Daddy so badly and to know how much He loves her. I was thinking how special it is that right now – just months before she’s getting ready to make her way into the world, everything in her parents lives are completely in His hands. We both want to move up north, and since our lease is up in October, that’s when we are praying He will provide a way to make that happen. I’ve even started packing just to show Him that we are ready!! ;) And I know there is always a chance that this isn’t what He had in mind for us right now in which case I’ll have a real fun time moving everything back in again :D but to think – to always look back on this time and see how He worked through it, to look back on that and show our little girl just how perfectly He provided for her and for us, those are the things I’m hoping will strengthen her faith down the line. To know He is our provider – not me, not her dad, but Him. What a great way to start out life! I know this one is special and I can’t wait to be a small part in helping her become who He created her to be :) Oh the joys!

Anyways, have I mentioned my husband is amazing and somehow secretly planned a celebratory dinner that night? photo 2 (28)I just love when they put personal things on the menu ;) I’m not sure what he told them we were celebrating, but we both agreed we got put in the kid room with slightly brighter lighting and less ambiance. But! we made the most of it and the very very bright light that shined on us from above. photo 1 (32)We had the funniest waiter… I’m not sure if he was new and just trying REALLYYY hard to be as professional as can be but he certainly took pride in what he did, even if it wasn’t the best. He mentioned several times the importance of presentation and how he likes to get a “nice straight line” as he poured my Pellegrino from three feet above, not knowing (or caring?) that it was splashing everywhere. Again, as he brought our plates, he mentioned how presentation was everything and I looked down to this, nodding with our plastered on smiles, yes, it sure is everything. afterlight (22)We tried not to look up too much because every time we did, there he was, watching our every move, and if you hesitated too long, he’d be over in a jiffy, ready to ask if we needed anything and to ask, once again, how Greg’s wine was now. He really liked to hang out – actually I’m not sure if we got more than 5 minutes alone before he was back again, but he was so dear and made us smile even if sometimes that smile was forced. He was so very eager to please : ) we even got a delicious free dessert out of it as he insisted we order something from the dessert menu even though we were already quite full.. photo 3 (21)We both left with puzzled, did that really happen? looks on our faces that quickly shifted to our familiar smiles as he held open the door for us for the full three minutes it took us to get to the door. Oh dear.

Sunday was also wonderful *no work! no work! no work!* Except :'( my beloved vine has died. photo 4 (21)My lawn got mowed! but my vine is no more. Now it is stark and sad again…. but hopefullllllyyyyyy it’ll only be for 1.5 more months!!!!!! So I’m not so sad :D When we were working out in the yard, we brought Bentley out on one of those metal things that screw into your lawn… our neighbor gave us one a while back but I had yet to use it. He was being so good, happily sniffing about, and then…. there were two little dogs he was determined to say hello to. He bolted across the street, obviously ripping out the pole, then got spooked from the metal clanging behind him and took off. I’ve never seen that boy run so fast (he HATES loud noises). By some miracle, he turned around and ran home, up the stairs, and on the bed. I came in to check on my poor little scardy-cat that had just given me a mild heart attack and noticed that he had run so hard, all his nails were frayed and he had ground three of them (on different feet) down to the quick and they were bleeding everywhere! This didn’t help my already frazzled heart but we waited patiently for Greg to come home to bandage him up. photo 1 (33)I must say, it may have taken some getting use to (he was lifting his feet up SO HIGH off the ground when he walked.. it was kind of unbelievably adorable) but I think this dog rather enjoys wearing socks like his humans do. My poor boy. Besides that, we got to finish off the weekend with a celebratory cigar (Greg only) and a lovely cocktail – gin and tonic for me! Hold the gin! That love of mine went out for juice and came back with fresh bread and cheese and delicious meats… he’s really good, guys! He’s really good. Cheers to a little girl coming into our lives very VERY soon!!!!!photo 2 (29)

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  1. CinnyPinny says

    What a fun weekend! We just can’t tell you HOW happy we are for you! Love, love, love reading the blog. All at once it’s interesting (the whole water-drinking thing – who knew), personal (water thing again!), precious (reflecting on our heavenly fathers’ provision), inspiring (giving your husband such high praise ), adorable (that dog – silly foots !) and FUNNY (the waiter and the picture of the dinner plate – HA!) Please keep writing. We so enjoy it!
    We will pray with you for HIS plan. I sure hope you guys can make it back here soon; We miss you both.
    Love, Cindy


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