The Places We Live : House Tour #2

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I’ve definitely been coming off a bit too eager in my feverish attempt to pack as quickly as possible, tricking myself into thinking it’ll make our move date come sooner. Greg keeps reminding me, “you know… we still have a month here” we stare at the pile of clothes that have now made their home in a heap on the floor since I may have sold the dresser that previously housed them. There was a point, sometime last week, that I am confident Greg said, “try to sell as much of our furniture as you can so we don’t have to move it.” Initially I was against that idea since you never can get back what you paid for it unless it’s a special little something that actually goes up in value (oh to have the means), we don’t have the money to replace the things we already have, and frankly, I hate selling stuff. I use things until they resemble a pitiful state. Anyways, as I started to pack, I thought well I guess we could just see if anyone even wants anything, hence why we no longer have tables to put things on. But my was I proud for selling my first item! Then sad when Greg came home and told me I need to clear prices with him first and why did I sell it for so cheap and IIIII never said to sell all the furniture….. Ohhhh well :D Anyways, all that to say, let’s take a look back on our little home #2 to be remembered with much fondness despite all our complaining about it. Similar to this tour, I apologize for the hasty bumpy video…. there were people coming in a matter of minutes and I didn’t want to be the fool, videoing her own house..

I always intended to take a really great outside shot once we got it all fixed up and adorable but that never seemed to happen… it’s been so hot all my plants have cried and died, there was the case of the suddenly brown vine, not to mention the drought which helped our lawn become even more brown and well, we are moving which means I start digging up everything I want to take with me and putting them into pots – hence the bajillion pots on our front porch you see in the video. Yes, you heard me correctly. We never got a key to the front door which is probably mostly our fault since we never followed up on it, but still something we like to laugh at or complain about, depending on our mood that day.

Ok let’s start here. This room has probably been in every configuration possible trying to figure out how to make it remotely livable since it’s ridiculously narrow. We are very much looking forward to having a chair in the living room again and not maneuvering ourselves onto the fickle bean bag chair that drops you as soon as your chair (bag) mate stands up. More seating in general is going to be great. Other than the long narrow weirdness of it, and the fact that it is a complete fishbowl, it functions nicely for two people who spend their time on their uncomfortable couch staring at a television three feet away. I guess you could say it has been a fine room : ) living room

We took off the door to the bedroom off of the living room and made it into a lil dining room. I think it strongly resembles an asylum with it’s severe starkness but now we are moving so I shan’t worry about such things anymore.  IMG_2761 copy

Someday I’ll have a tablecloth that actually fits my table and it will be wonderful. We got this one to fit our first round table that we had to send back because, well, I broke a chair when I leaned back from laughing so hard….. which then made us start questioning the quality of all our new dining items which made us send them back with haste. Our family friends were nice enough to give us this set so we didn’t have to eat off of card tables anymore : ) We’ve had many a good memory round these parts.

If you go down scary laundry hall, you’ll hit ugly bathroom #1. I avoid this room at all costs. I put my loveliest candles and soaps in there to try to make it less scary and gross, but it remains very scary and very gross. When we moved in the light didn’t even work so it was dark, scary, and gross. Now it works to highlight each lovely thing. Let’s start with the selection of wall coverings.

IMG_2756 Why?? Who picked this? I apologize if you picked this for your house and I’m making fun of it but really, it is awful. Someone spent money on covering perfectly good walls with this sad, plastic tile. I’m pretty sure if it was brand new it would still look filthy. PS this is a good section. Most of it has multiple holes drilled in that are also covered with the magical grime that won’t come off. The baseboards are falling apart and are also complete with the dark scary, filth that cannot be scrubbed away, the sink is permanently brown, the toilet I’ll let you use your imagination on, and the shower makes me want to send every person who ever stayed over and had to bathe in it, an apology letter.IMG_2755
Now, this isn’t really that bad but it makes me wonder every time, did they come as a mismatched set? Just, why?? Why, little bathroom are you so confusing? Who selected the dowel above the shower? Who said, let’s put an extra deep, extra narrow shelving feature crammed in the corner by the shower? Who made these decisions!? What happened to that mirror and the vanity that made them look like they spent the last 15 years being chewed on by a pack of wolves? All the shelves inside are gnawed on and beat up. It’s the strangest thing. I probably sound crazy but these pictures, if I do say so myself, make this room look positively dreamy : ) It is not. IMG_2754
Let’s just move on to the other bathroom. The “Master” Bathroom. This room got significantly better when we took out the towel bar that bruised my arm every day when I was doing my hair, moved the mirror away from the corner, and most importantly took out the blue fluorescent light that gave me shivers every time I turned the switch on. It fits one whole person at a time (and even then, be sure to keep your elbows close to you at all times). And a dog. Actually he takes up the whole room but he loves to hang out in there if you are in there. We dream of double vanities or even just a huge mirror that we could both stand at in a fully upright position. Oh the luxury. We haven’t been able to take a completely hot shower in probably three months (again, our fault – we’ve been avoiding having to talk to our landlady :) ) so that will be nice too. It always goes cold right when I start shaving my legs. Then you turn it on as hot as it’ll go (otherwise the rest of your shower will be like a nice swim in the northern pacific ocean), it scalds you for a full eight seconds and then you get to play the adjusting game for the rest of your shower. We are certainly using less water these days. Plus, this shower also has the mysterious film on the tub. I’ve scrubbed it and scrubbed it but it remains semi brownish and sticky. Fun fun. Also, these tiles : ) I do wonder if she got this stuff for free or something. Forget about the band tile, check out the pink butterflies! They shimmer when the light touches them. IMG_2745
IMG_2746 copy ^^ I really can’t seem to depict how crammed you feel in here so just trust me ok? ^^
Ironically, we’ll be moving into an even smaller bathroom up north! :D Except, I can’t wait. Now tell me, if you were an electrician, what would you center that light fixture on? Last but not least, we have the kitchen that I have a love/hate relationship with. Once we took out the fluorescents in there too (ok ya, I’m weird and crazy but really that’s not new news) my love for it skyrocketed. When we first moved in, I’d cook in the dark cause I hated being in there so much. Man, I really am unusual. Anyways, you know the story about the previous tenants trying to fit their fridge, and cutting the counter, the cabinets, and the floors to do so? Let’s just have one last look at that lovely bit of history. IMG_2750 copy

Ahhhh…. But look how full my fruit bowl is! I always feel so very rich when it is full :) …and fresh I should add.

Sticky cabinets, slopey range fittings, floors that constantly look dirty, but overall a kitchen that provided many wonderful meals and memories. Greg was walking around the other day and said, “you hardly notice all the awful things about this place anymore!” And it’s true… we’ve had the best time here and are so so thankful for the little house that the Lord provided. Oh! Not to mention a bedroom that was big enough to fit our ginormous bed, an extra room for me to paint! aaaaand a closed in backyard for Bentley to gallup around to his hearts content! We’ve had a marvelous time! And on to our next adventure…IMG_2760
^^ my last flowers in this house :) they make me happy ^^


  1. CinnyPinny says

    Oh, that was fun! I’m sure I’ve seen pictures of most of the rooms but not ALL the rooms – now I feel like I’ve been to your house . (So sad for you; the bathrooms – how did you do it? )
    Now I understand a little bit better your struggle when you first moved in. You always photographed the rooms in such a lovely way, I had no idea what you were truly dealing with. Good job, Hilary!
    PS: I just love the “magic” of a fruit bowl!
    Kiss that dog for me. I love him too,


    • Haha yes – there are only so many rooms ; ) I’m sorry if it sounded like I was complaining! I just wanted to remember all the fun little quirks that come with these places : ) We miss you guys!! Hopefully we’ll get to see you sooooon!!


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