Happy Halloween!!

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A sad holiday is one where there is no one to spend it with because you may have waited until the last minute to plan anything. But we are not ones to mope around and feel sorry for ourselves so out came the loud Halloween party music, the pile of hurriedly bought candy (I break into cold sweats when I think of kids coming to a house with no candy!), and naturally, our wedding clothes. I will take any excuse to get some more use out of that dress, not to mention how dashing my husband looks in a tux. Add some chocolate martinis and we have a lovely two man party!

There’s nothing like opening the door to the kids, “Trick or TREEEAAAT!!” followed by the mother, “…oh and you are in a wedding dress….” I kept wondering if they could see our faces – It’s part of a costume!! Then they would gather outside the window peering in to see the strange bride cooking in her wedding clothes. Greg got “nice costume” – clearly his translated better. But truly what made this evening particularly magical was that my dimmers finally came in the mail!!!! Our two lights in our living room are lovely but have always been way to bright for my taste (I’m a weirdo about lighting). I’ve been begging Greg to figure out a way to make them dimmer but then I figured there must be something you can plug a normal light into that had a dimmer on it, AND THERE IS!!! I’m so happy about this. OH anddd, we found some great under counter lights on our last Ikea visit that also have dimmers! Our house is slowly acquiring mood lighting which puts my poor nerves at ease : ) Unfortunately our outside lighting is not yet up to par which we tried to make better by lighting our one Jack o’ Lantern. This only scared the children and caused many of them to ask, “what happened to him?” to which Greg would reply, “he’s old.” We all know this is a lie considering we just carved him six short days ago. The truth is, I am selfish and wanted to enjoy him all to myself, thus he has been residing in our toasty little house and melting quickly away. He is, in a sense, the face of selfishness.

Despite having the potential to be a sad, depressing day, this was one of my favorite Halloweens ever filled with good music, good smells, pumpkin soup and cornbread, my handsome husband and of course, good lighting. Hallelujah.

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  1. angelmomaln@aol.com says

    Looks like a FUN halloween to me!!! Hope your card arrived on time.



  2. Taylor Welty says

    “He is, in a sense, the face of selfishness.” I looked at his face and it just made me giggle. Poor, comfortable, rotting Stan!


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