Date With A Dog

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So, if you were not aware, yesterday was International Stout Day. Naturally, this needed to be celebrated so we headed out to stuff ourselves with the food that just might go best with beer – pizza. Unfortunately, we chose the one pizza place that did not in fact, have any stouts on the menu so we were forced to use our imaginations. It’s the thought that counts. But the good news was THAT DOG got to go with us. It was his first real outing in public and I was oh so proud of him! Look how good he was while we waited an hour for a table to open up.

I must say, Greg is the best doggy daddy. He’s very good at working with him and being consistent, but most of all he’s really good at stepping in when I get overwhelmed with the cuteness. For a puppy on his first trip out with lots of new sights and smells, I do declare he did quite well. Almost every single person that went by squealed and said what a cute puppy he was. They all thought he was at least six months when he’s really only three and a half which makes me a little scared at how big he will actually be getting : ) But oh he is so good. Yesterday he was outside playing and I said real quietly, “oh that dOoog!” (I was in my studio) and his little ears perked up and he came running inside to report to duty. I love when he is obedient.

We also realized this animal is a great way to meet people. We talked to and had real nice conversations with more people in one hour than we have the whole month we’ve been living here! I think Greg is regretting his choice of not having a dog while he was single. Oh the opportunities that could have arisen.

Bentley also met a large lady of his kind. Her name was Sadie. She was not a well behaved dog (we have become self proclaimed experts on judging other dog owners cause clearly, we have everything figured out) but she knew some tricks so she can have some points back. She pretended to get along with little yellow but it was clear she was very jealous of all the attention the youngster was getting over her and her large and flowy copper hairs. Poor, big, misbehaving dog. Bentley was quite sweet to her though, keeping his distance, assisting her when she fell over, and finally just being that friend that lays beside you when forced.

Finally our name was called and we got to partake in some of the best pizza we have ever had. Probably made the top three list. And this dog continued to be good.

^^LOOK at those paws!!

^^LOOK at those paws!!



  1. Ray Faulk says

    I wuv him, berry, berry sweet! Does he still smell “puppy?”

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    • I think he smells better cause he is no longer in the habit of eating his own poop ; ) I hope we get to see you guys when we come up for thanksgiving!!


  2. says

    No, I was not aware of that special day! However, I am so glad you were all able to celebrate it. Yes, Greg did want a dog earlier, but I kept saying that he was working too many hours for it to be fair to any puppy. So, he reluctantly agreed. Dog is so handsome, and so well behaved. You are good dog parents! Wish you could bring him for Christmas, but I know that will not happen. Have a wonderful week. More later about upcoming plans.

    Love to all,



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