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I’m convinced the main reason I haven’t found myself gushing about all things LA is well, because, I rarely get out of my house. I’m that lady that should probably have cats but instead has one rambunctious dog who she takes to the dog park every once in a while, goes to the grocery store, and has occasionally ventured out to a restaurant here and there. It’s sad. I would like to say it will change but it probably won’t. But! when our small group says they are going to a baseball game, we rouse our boring, tired souls and go, no question. Sadly, our baby’s first baseball game was a Dodgers game. I told Greg I’d go but I’m wearing my Giant’s hat. He said I would get killed. I told him, who would kill a giiiirl? He said, you’re right, I’ll get killed. I thought long and hard about wanting to go through life without a husband and left the house, sans hat. photo 1 (10)photo 3 (5)We had a real good time though. I learned that Dodger dogs are extremely long and skinny and made me feel weird to eat. Their pretzels are gourmet which really just means dense and whole wheat like – aka more healthy – aka the whole reason one does not buy a pretzel – for health. Anyways, after the Dodgers lost, they had fireworksss!! Aaaaand we got to go on the field to watch them. Look! We touched real baseball grass. photo 4 (5)photo 5 (2)It was fun : ) And here’s some of our small group just so you know we do have some friends down here and we aren’t just making up stories about our imaginary friends we visit each 2 (10)And then on Saturday, Greg ended up having to work all day long so we went to a movie as a brightspot and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 which!, I shall have you know, was the first movie we ever saw together (well the first one). It was a rainy day in Santa Cruz, many years ago, and there was nothing playing – we both had zero to low expectations and ended up being pleasantly surprised. We got Mexican hot chocolates after and went back to the place he was staying to watch more movies and order more pizza. Oh the days of being awkward friends ; ) Anyways, we were pleasantly surprised with #2, too. Aaand then! On Sunday!!!!!!!! *take in happy sigh* We got to go to the beach :D:D:D:D:D We brought the dog. It was a glorious day! That dog was bad as usual but! oh my! be still my mommy heart! that dog SWAM! Ok folks. This water down here….. it’s amazing. I was trying to lure him in (and no parents, I did not plop him into the water – he came in all on his own <3 ) and found myself just going all the way in without screaming from the cold! It was heavenly. He hopped over all the waves and came paddling towards me and then would turn around and go back towards his dad. It was so very dear. I could have stayed in there watching him all day but Greg was convinced he was getting tired and decided to take him to rest. Enter miserable Greg. Greg HATES sand. : ) That dog was now wet and leaping and now we had no more dry towels and that husband of mine, oh, he’s really good. He just sat there and tried not to look angry and I was the proudest of wives. He did so good. Just lookit.

^^happy husband

^^happy husband

^^they mimic each other ; )

^^they mimic each other ; )

Peaceful, it was not. There was strangling, sunburns, and a scraped knee from that dog pulling a small pregnant lady across the sand, but my heart was so full and happy : ) I love being near the ocean. Especially with my fambily : )

photo 5 (3)photo 4 (6)

^^this is that dog playing nicely with his ball, conveniently next to Greg's napping head

^^this is that dog playing nicely with his ball, conveniently next to Greg’s napping head

I was kinda proud of myself cause I actually brought water, and sodas, and snacks, and books, and everything possible to have a lovely beach day. We ended up calling it the sandy bag of doom that nobody wanted to touch. Also, despite my efforts I did forget dog bags. Sorry sidewalk walkers. I tried to fling it to the side ; ) Nevertheless it was the happiest of days that ended with a fresh homemade shrimp louie and our first fire in our bucket. photo 2 (11)

^^please ignore the dry, highly flammable backyard

^^please ignore the dry, highly flammable backyard


  1. Jennifer Welty says

    This was soooo great! I can tell I am going to have a marvelous day, because it started out with the Nettles Nest!!! I love you to death!


  2. Megan Hill says

    I am SOOO very glad I subscribed to your blog!! You guys make my heart happy.


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