Holiday Happenings

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This kiddo has some serious skills. She loves to have dance parties in my belly (and we are talking full on bootie boogie with kicks and hand movements included) but every. single. time. I get out my phone to record these moments, she assumes the old familiar fetal position and appears to fall fast asleep as if my belly didn’t look like it had an umbrella sticking out of it just moments before. Her timing and ability to drop all that energy in an instant is incredible. She must have gotten her camera shyness from her momma. The world will just never know how cool we really are because it simply can’t be recorded ;) Anyways, it’s Christmas!!! And there is Christmas music playing and both the ladies over here are quite happy.

This weekend my momma and I got extremely spoiled and had the most relaxing day full of fluffy robes and massages (and fire and tea and chocolate and all those wonderful things). I’m pretty sure I could be rubbed all day and still want more hence why I have to consciously tell myself to enjoy such things while they are happening or I spend the whole massage thinking NO NO NO!!! IT’S ALMOST OVER!!! This time all I could think was how happy I was. It felt like a dream. And that was followed up with a lovely tea and crumpets lunch which, you know, felt so very proper and festive. Something about pouring liquid out of a proper tea pot makes you instantly correct your posture ;) I had such a lovely time with this lady. She’s just the sweetest. And cutest!IMG_4071

Plus we explained to the nice man at Macy’s that we don’t want to sign up for their credit card because we don’t do credit cards anymore and he was so shocked that there was such a person in the world, he gave me an extra 25% off my already 10% off shoes! It always pays to have your momma there.

The next day, I got to spend the whole day with my wonderful sister and cousin up in the CITY!!! I hadn’t been back up to our beloved city since we have been back and although I wish my love could have been there too, it was a fun girls day. There was a baby store. I bought unnecessary things. I can’t be allowed into such places anymore. It’s become a bit of an addiction. IMG_4065


It always seems extra Christmassy up there around this time of year, what with the outdoor ice rink, crisp air, and sparkly lights everywhere. I love it. I got to take them to my favorite garden store and we found a bench that took extreme willpower to get up from. It was heated and amazing and I’m sure we made quite a scene with our unexpected happy giggles and oooos and ahhhhs. I noticed we all had a slight disappointment in all non-heated seats after that ;)

And then! on the first date of Christmas, I got to go out with this guy. He’s wonderful. IMG_4069

I wanted to try to do the twelve dates of Christmas this year cause, well, have you heard a child is coming? and I’m selfish and really wanted to get in as much time as possible with him before I have to share :) So he was sweet and took his moody pregnant wife out to eat delicious foods and try to enjoy her company. He’s one patient man and I am forever grateful :)

And then of course, that dog has been a good one lately. He’s been giving me the best morning snuggles even though he is such a bed hog. He comes up and lays his big head across my neck and sleeps there for like an hour while I choke a little from the weight of it but really can’t bear to move him cause it’s my favorite when he cuddles with me. IMG_4070 (1)

^^And this is why I want a new camera ;)

Greg left for Boston yesterday and that dog has been a good little bud so far even though he always looks at me like, “ugh, you.” I still love him.

In other news, I just took a quiz that said “Congratulations! It looks like you are gearing up for labor soon. You’re exhibiting some of the typical signs of approaching labor, so keep your eyes and ears open. Your family will have a new addition very soon.” Sooooo let’s hope she stays put for another week or so because…. haha ummm I’d like Greg to be here :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!!

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