Oh hey, 28

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date night / wedded bliss

IMG_1192 (1)I wish I had something wise to say in these late years of my life, but alas, I’ve got nothin. But I do know my family spoils me rotten and I am the luckiest lady in the world. My sweet crippled sister surprised me early Wednesday morning with a homemade breakfast delivered via hopping foot and basket. I can’t. even. She’s the best. IMG_1184IMG_1185
Did you know, as long as I’ve been alive, it has never rained in Santa Cruz on my birthday? I keep telling people, if you want to do an outdoor wedding, October 21st, man. No weather worries. And it was, yet again, the most glorious fall day! I swear the Lord always puts extra sparkles in the air just for me. Because He’s also the best. IMG_1186IMG_1187
After BSF, these wonderful womanfolk took me out to a lovely lunch on the sea!IMG_1188IMG_1189
^^Abbie’s going through a MAJOR all things Grammy phase, so she was very happy to even just sit across from her glorious presence and take it in ;) She has never once cried when I left her, but Grammy? You get the full show with tears and arm reaching – the works. She also flings herself through the air when she sees her in hopes she will be caught by those loving arms. You know what happens when she sees me after being gone all day? Nothing. A look of “oh you” if I’m lucky. Also, she has TWO TEETH. Also, she’s going through an impossibly cute phase of giving you the biggest most adorable smiles if you tell her no. Oh look, I tangent-ed this thing way over to my girl…. how did that happen ;)
Anyways, sparkly birthdays.IMG_1190 (1)
Even the sea lines were jumping for joy! Yes, because of me. IMG_1191
Just kidding.
But then! that night. My husband whoIlovesomuch took me to a special dinner up in the city. I told him all I wanted was a dinner out with just him and he took that little idea and blew it out of the frinkin water. IMG_1193He took me to this place called SPQR and it was phenomenal. Look how dark and coooooooool. And that wine bar! IMG_1200
We split the tasting menu and had the most incredible wine pairings from Slovenia. I’m not even sure what some the the things we ate were but everything that entered my mouth was absolutely divine. Here, dark food pictures to document. You gotta love the girl that insists on taking a crappy picture of each dish. That’s me. Love me. Love me. IMG_1194IMG_1195IMG_1196IMG_1197IMG_1198 (1)IMG_1199IMG_1201
This guy, I don’t deserve him. IMG_1206
^^But let’s be honest, this is why I really love him ;)
Thanks family for making me feel so loved and special. You guys are simply the best! I love youuuuuu!!!


  1. Taylor Welty says

    Hilly, you deserve so much more! But it sure was a special day hanging out with you :) I loved how you focused on the food in the first shot, the wine in the second, and both wine and food in the last two. I LOVE your food shots! Also, I am so grateful for that bruv of mine…. And those faces ;) YOISE! So glad he not only gets our humor but it’s he’s humor too :}


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