I love Fall

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date night / family days / wedded bliss

What do you do when you wake up for hours and hours yet another night in a row for no darn good reason? That’s right. You dream of happier times! Like this glorious weekend! Oh my golly was it gorgeous! And!!! AND!!! there were lots of dates which I’m always a fan of. We haven’t had a date night in the longest time so that was awful nice. Greg got a lot of verbal vomit from this one over here and was so sweet to sit there and nod politely….the whole time. There was even gelato! And a walk on the warf to look at the beautiful ocean and listen to the sea lions make their normal noises. IMG_3241
^^ Do you see the magnificent ocean?? Me neither. It kinda terrified me actually. Dark water is probably my biggest fear. I can even freak myself out in a pool. I have skills like that. But then!! The next day!! We went to my most favorite pumpkin patch up the coast and the sun was shining and the ocean was NOT dark anymore and it was so so SO very beautiful. And there was lots of this:IMG_3227
And this:

And obviously happiness all around. Most importantly there was a hay maze which I’m not sure I’ve ever made it through without cheating. Next year I’m determined to let myself get lost because we made it out of there entirely too fast, yet again.
^^Just look at us dutifully following the left side… and those poor confused children that obviously didn’t have a grandfather to teach them such tricks…^^
I asked Greg how big he thought baby was in pumpkin land and he chose this one. You can tell who is actually carrying the child by her dramatic selection but frankly, I am convinced mine is closer ;) I thought very carefully about such things before raising up my fine choice proudly, but it was only met with laughing at me (not with me) and “oh baby I love that you think that but there is NO WAY she is that big.” Just let the pregnant lady think what she wants is the lesson here.

^^his choice // her choice^^





Isn’t it just lovely!? I can’t wait to take Little back here someday :) :) And then, as if that wasn’t enough happiness for one day, we went out with my parents that night to a little place I like to call Benihana on steroids. Before we get into that, can we just take a good look at how small I look between these two? And how none of us got the good eyesight gene?

Anyways, there was shouting (similar to what I would think a bar fight would sound like), flames and sharp knives flying and, unlike Benihana, a spatula came catapulting towards us. Oh the thrills! They also squirt saki into your mouth like so:IMG_3244
Look how dignified. Well, the guy behind us decided to be a REAL man and let the guy squirt the whole bottle into his mouth. What an accomplishment! I got to watch him throw it all up after. He must be so proud. IMG_3243IMG_3245

^^pwesus pawents^^
Our cooks motto was “mo butto, mo betto” so obviously the food was good : ) Baby liked it. She swelled up to enormous proportions. IMG_3247
Anyways, all that to say, I’m so very thankful for weekends and the people I love to enjoy them with. Oh! and I got to meet two of my readers this weekend. Here is your shoutout Val and Katie ;) I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too! Happy Monday!

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