The Worst Place To Bring A Dog

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IMG_9841Is obviously Beverly Hills. That is, unless said dog can fit into your purse or satchel and is not, in fact, jumping frantically onto each well manicured passerby. After the last post, I gave up all plans to be productive and just spent time working with my little boy. He was doing so good and showing such signs of improvement that when it came to the weekend and we, for the first time in what seems forever, decided to venture out of our humble abode, we couldn’t think about leaving him behind! “He needs to be socialized!” we argued. We’ve been in our frumpy town of comfort for so long that we forgot that people on earth wear outfits that are more expensive than our dear leaping lizard and didn’t appreciate his sweet addition of paw prints and rips into their precious garments. I mean really, who does? Luckily, it didn’t come to that on account of my husband’s strong muscles and ninja timing to rip him, mid air and just in the nick of time, before landing onto each unsuspecting pedestrians newly purchased attire. I very much felt as if we were walking a lion around the streets of Los Angeles, the way they looked so horrified and confused as to why we would bring such a creature in public. This led to a non relaxing (but delicious!) lunch full of this expression.IMG_9842Glazed over eyes of pure exhaustion from taming the beast as he wormed his way under the table and was determined to escape and/or get a small crumb from the other side of the divider.IMG_9843This behavior caused us to rethink our intended day of relaxing “window shopping,” so we decided to head away from the mass of people and into the gorgeous neighborhood that surrounds, to practice not pulling on the leash. This requires EXTREME patience and does not ever go like the instructional videos provided on YouTube. Alas, by the end, we were able to get back to our car with minimal damage and people now exclaiming oh what a cute dog! before quickly scurrying away. Anyone who knows Bentley, knows if you give him any love, get ready to receive attention overload with flailing head and licking-overtime-tongue included.


You could just tell he was so happy to be out with us, puffing out his chest, biggest smile you’ve ever seen on his face. He’s such a social dog, he’s just so very awkward. We needed a bit of a break before heading back home so I convinced Greg to go to the mystery coffee shop that I love over there. I’ve gone there every time I’ve been in Beverly Hills.. the problem is I can never remember the name but instead just have a vague understanding as to where it is. Greg, being the logical man he is, whipped out his phone and promptly started naming each coffee shop in the area. I was very adamant that it was none of the above and we just needed to drive around until we found it. “We just have to look for the cute little porch and the umbrellas!” I told him. “Are you sure it’s not Urth Cafe” he asked again, which I was more than positive it was not because we have one of those right by our house and I would be sure to recognize that. Well, half an hour and much driving later, we found the shop!!


And we enjoyed a delightful cup of coffee : )  sans dog.

We decided to celebrate St. Patricks Day on Sunday night since *insert sniffle* I would be gone this year and not get to celebrate it with the most wonderful man in the world. But! There’s always next year : ) We obviously started with one of these

IMG_9844And continued on with Greg’s pick of an Irish movie and lots of this


I was so very sad because there have probably only been a handful of times where I didn’t have green eggs and green pancakes and green milk on St Patricks Day morning, but I was just so unprepared this year, I had to settle for a tiny clover in my cereal, curtesy of my beloved. PS Those don’t grow nearly as much out here by the way. I’ve never had any trouble finding clovers up north but I could only find one pathetic little patch in our backyard this year. This does not mean we don’t have weeds… just come and see! : D

And then! Bentley and I set off to San Diego to go see my grandma for a couple days!IMG_9846He. Is. In. Hog. Heaven! He loves my Aunt and Uncles big backyard and the hyper friendly dogs that come with it. It’s so cute! It’s like watching little kids run around and get along and make up seriously fun things to do together… you know how there’s usually a leader and they tell the other minions what to do. That’s these dogs. Except they change leaders. But they are all so happy and I don’t have to worry about Bentley being a bully so it’s just delightful. Instant besties <3IMG_9847And tomorrow I get to go see my wonderful wonderful husband again and then and then and then my parents come to visit and the world is a happy place. Happy happy hump day!!


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