Happenings in the Home

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Hey guess what guys! Actually, there’s a bit of a backstory to my happiness so let’s catch you up real quick on what’s been happening over here in LA LA land.

These guys came to visit! IMG_0042

Clearly, there was dining involved. Guys golfed, girls gardened. We made this piece of beauty. (Avert your eyes from the ugliness beside, it’s the next project) : )


Girls cooked, boys bbq’d. Aren’t they precious?? : )


Klein was there for a bit of it. He owes us a lot of nespresso capsules. Just kidding. Greg thought this was an attractive picture face. It kept happening in all six pictures taken, like a reoccurring bad dream.

IMG_0044We went back to Beverly Hills (sans dog) and had a spectacular brunch. Saw Jamie Lee Curtis. Mhmm. PS isn’t my momma adorable? Eeeeee : )

IMG_0045This dog picked up a new habit of stealing shoes. He doesn’t chew them, he just steals them. I thought it was kinda cute at first since he’s never been into shoes, but now it’s getting very difficult to find a pair. If you say, “Bentley” with a stern voice, he bolts. If you say, “oh thank you!” and hold out your hand, he’ll come and place it ever so gently down into your hand. I don’t quite know what to think of this.

IMG_0046I’ve been working on this painting. Shocker. Another painting of the only person around when I have time to paint. Actually I just wanted to paint the only fancy dress I own (wedding dress) so it should be fun : )

IMG_0047And now that that’s all out of the way GUESS WHAT GUYS!! So, I’m sure I’ve mentioned, this guy looks innocent but he’s actually a real terror.

IMG_0048Well, the other day I was the closest I’ve ever been to putting him in the car and dropping him off to find another family that would love him more and hope and pray he wouldn’t be the chosen one to be put down. OHHH sad tear. Inside, he was whining and pacing and pulling at my clothes, so out he went as I determined he shall now be an outside dog. That idea quickly vanished when he proved that he could bark for an amount of time that would make any neighbor want to shoot him. Thus causing me to win the worst mom ever award when I locked him in the dark garage and went and cried at how terrible I was. When I regained some courage and went to let out my scared little puppy, I determined yet again to commit to working with him daily. Anyways, I know I’ve said this a million times before, and yes, life gets in the way and he gets cooped up and frustrated all over again hence these fun little behavior issues, but so far, we’ve worked on different things since this little incident that we shall put behind us, and he’s been doing loads better. Obviously one of the first things I wanted to work on was not pulling on the leash because it makes walks miserable. I know I know, everyone says the collar with the tongs does wonders but I really wanted to teach him to be a good dog without spikes. So, we’ve been doing the clicker training which takes a buttload of patience and time but slowly but surely I’ve seen a glimmer of improvement AND SO (here’s the exciting part that’s really not all that exciting but made me oh so happy). Here I am, going around the block day after day, clicking like an idiot, going two steps forward, stopping, backing up, waiting for him to follow, clicking, rewarding, going again etc, using every last bit of patience to do a full block AND THEN today! I met the nicest fireman who looked over and smiled and said “HEY I recognize that clicker! Training, are we?” We talked for a bit about how exhausting it is but he was so encouraging and told me to just keep with it cause they’ll get it eventually and that he’s done it with all his good fire dogs and ahhh I was just so happy for the hope that it worked for a real life person and not just the youtube stars that make it look so easy : ) Really, when I work with him just a little bit, he’s the sweetest most mellow dog. Lookit! This is how he usually is when at home : )

Really good. So anyways, apparently I’ve grown a bit obsessed over this little guy and need to find other interests ; ) But, that’s that. I hope you all are doing well. We sure miss you loads. OH! We almost put an offer on a house this weekend! Hehe, that was fun. But, hooray for us for deciding continuing to save is the better idea ; ) Oh how very mature we are becoming…. : D

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