He has Risen!

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So, if you have just been gripped with suspense as to whether Greg liked the outdoor addition, well, I’m happy to report, he did. Yippee!! Just look how happy.IMG_0576He was awfully cute bringing out as many candles as possible so we could have a candlelit dinner instead of turning on the dreaded outdoor light : ) I have trained him so very well. I love warm nights and that one was one of our favorites. Kinda one of those days where everything tastes amazing and was just what you were craving, and the stars are extra bright and the bugs leave you alone. Magical. IMG_0575 IMG_0577I’ve so very much enjoyed our new plastic addition. Bentley especially loves when I go outside and sit with him. He curls up right next to me and entertains himself nicely like a good dog should. Plus, the weather has been heavenly and hot lately which logically sounded to me like a good time to knit a scarf on the two days it was pushing triple digits. IMG_0578But hey! I’m so ready for winter now! Even if each part of the wool is strewn with sweaty hand sweat. In other news, Greg let me get some gorgeous spring flowers which certainly brightened up my week! Aren’t they just lovely? I just love flowers. I can’t wait to have a place that we can invest in the garden : ) : ) Someday, someday… or maybe in heaven : ) IMG_0579You are probably most wondering how that dog is doing. Just kidding. Only I wonder that. Alas, I shall tell you anyways. We’ve probably become best friends. We watched his friend Lulu all weekend two weekends ago, which was a little slice of hell, but once she left, Bentley went into a deep depression and has been the best mellow dog! I knew this would fade once we went to Santa Cruz but I had the most wonderful week with him before that! He even became a real part of the family and got a tag with his name : ) He’s very proud of it!IMG_0580

^^See! My loyal companion that refuses to leave my side. Best friends are we. 

^^See! My loyal companion that refuses to leave my side. Best friends are we.

Annnnd guess what guys! I finally went to my first art gallery since we’ve been down here! I met a friend in BSF and we went together to the Getty! And oh my is it gorgeous up there. Lookit!IMG_0583And I got to see a giant Jackson Pollock!IMG_0582It was funny cause there was a whole room devoted to theories on what kind of paint was used… whether the canvas was up or down when certain strokes were applied… whether the paint was brushed on or dribbled etc… You just gotta love what thrills certain people ; ) I do love seeing art in person though… it’s kinda like seeing a celebrity for me. I get all shaky and excited : )

And thennnnn off to Santa Cruz for Easter! We weren’t going to go this year but my husband is dear and loves to spend holidays with family. We have yet to spend one alone ; ) Obviously, there were pretty drinks involved. I swear this isn’t all we do but comeon! He makes the most lovely cocktails : )IMG_0585 IMG_0586It’s always so very lovely to see my family.. if not a little nerve racking now that Bentley has proven he can lift up tables and allow burning candles to slide around atop the angled surface. Luckily, we spent Easter at my aunts beautiful little house and they have a high energy dog too which is always a relief. He can be a bit of a bully to get little dogs to play with him : [ Exhibit A: The Kiss

But anyways, look how pretty!IMG_0587 IMG_0588

^^dad apparently has glowing capabilities

^^dad apparently has glowing capabilities

^^Greg protecting us from all things bug

^^Greg protecting us from all things bug

I just love their house. It’s so warm and cozy and filled with loads of love. Anddd thennnnn on Monday, Greg and I got the most lovely treat! We got to go on a day date to Carmel without the dog of stress and didn’t feel bad about leaving him behind cause he had his Uncle Lory to play with! It was ever so nice. Obviously, there was cheese. IMG_0568And coffee..IMG_0591And oysters and martinis and each wonderful thing. And it was gloomy and beautiful and ahhh.. I just love it down there. I once took a boy to see the beauty that is Carmel. He drove down one street and said, “I don’t see what all the fuss is about..” and turned back around and went home. THE CHARM THE CHARM! Some people…IMG_0592 IMG_0593And then we had to leave. But God is good and sent us a little bit of happiness upon our return home : ) IMG_0551And things went back to normal. Just with better cheese.IMG_0594


  1. It’s all such a beautiful life! Say, I thought you said your new outdoor table was plastic? It looks like wood to me – any case, I LOVE it! Also, darling husband; such a dear!
    And then there ‘s that dog!!!! I think he is proud of his name tag. ( Too cute a-top your bed with covers caught on his head – silly dog!)
    Aunt Sara’s yard and Easter table so lovely. Thanks for adding a pic. of it.
    Love you guys, Cindy


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