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beach babes
There are few things I like more than whole days spent with my husband doing nothing in particular, and beach days with my dog. Well, Saturday, I got both and I was a happy lady. I was thinking this morning what a gift last year was, despite all my brattiness, that we got to spend a whole year just the two of us (and I mean really, it was a lot of just us) away from everything familiar, to bond and laugh and make our own memories and weirdnesses, before this baby comes and it’ll probably never be just the two of us ever again …or at least for a long long time. I love that husband of mine. He spoils me rotten and is the most wonderful, most patient man I’ve ever known. I’m so very thankful for him.

We went to a little cafe in this little town of ours that took a whopping 45+ minutes to heat up the frittata that was behind that glass and to put some yogurt in a bowl. They have honed their skills and become masters at moving like molasses. Plus, the coffee there may have just shot up to #1 on my list of worst cups of all time. But! They had a really great live morning-jazzy-band playing the whole time so I can’t complain about having to wait about 40 minutes longer than it should have taken, in the brisk fall air with a crappy cup of coffee to warm me up. More time with that man listed above? I mean, really. I am not complaining.

That poor dog was stuck in the car the whole time since we thought no no, it’ll only be a little while longer…. about 50 times. But! He quickly forgave us when he was happily running to and fro on the sand. Greg had never been to our new spot here so I was so excited to show him the magical land where I get all my endorphins. Something about seeing that dog running with pure bliss on his face, does the soul some good. We met a guy who, I’m pretty positive was a dog reincarnated into a man. He was real intense and kept asking Greg to “go long” and throw the ball for him. Then he’d run as fast as he could and bring it back. It was funny the first time but then got a little uncomfortable by say, the seventh time. Bentley got herded by a German Shepherd the whole time and got a little taste of his own medicine. He did not like it. I’ve never seen him get annoyed at another dog, but getting constantly nipped at while he was minding his own fetching business, apparently brought him to his limit. Poor yellow.

All in all it was such a glorious day and still makes me happy thinking about it. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

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