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IMG_4279This is the look I get from him most often these days. This is the “ugh, you” look. I try to pretend he loves me but I think, I mean I know, I tend to smother animals (I really can’t help it! I’ve tried so very hard to contain myself but somehow my face always ends up buried in their wonderful, wonderful fur..) My poor boy is falling apart. He has the itchiest eyes – he’s always rubbing them on the ground or trying to claw them with his (yes, unclipped) nails. He’s already been to the vet twice which hasn’t helped with anything except provided a nice show of watching our money flutter away, away, away… He’s been going on my “walks” which are really just around the block and do absolutely nothing to impact his energy level so the other day we let him run run run up on the street, only to arrive back at the house with two torn pads and some very bloody paws. I just looked at his lip and it looks swollen like he bit it or something, and not to mention, he is always furiously biting at some part of himself to get some sort of relief. Sigh, I’m a horrible mother. I can’t even keep a dog well. You simply need to feed, walk, and groom animals and I’ve really only mastered one of those. Scratch that, food isn’t even mastered – yesterday he was projectile-ing from both ends, a lovely yellow substance. So, yes, although we are beyond excited to meet our little girl, I’m sort of in a constant state of please don’t remind me she’s coming so soon… I have so much to learn in a rapidly shortening time. Preferably, morph into an entirely new and responsible, stable and wise person. Currently, I think this sums us up pretty well:spaz

Do you see how Greg remains constant in each picture and the lady next to him is a fidgety, spaz? This is our life/ selfie dilemma. And again, I salute my ever so patient husband. At least she has one stable parent on her side :D PS Bentley came and curled up right on top of his dad this morning (that’s 65 lbs of morning goodness, mind you) and licked his face ever so gently because he is the BEST dad :) They melt my messy little heart. And here’s to parenting aka trying not to hurt this precious little human being we’ve been entrusted with for some reason! Please pray for us ;)


  1. Ashley says

    My dog loves my husband way more than me and it makes me a little bitter. ;)
    I don’t want to offer advice when it isnt wanted, but my dog had bad allergies and itched all the time nonstop. Our vet started him on once daily apoquel and its a miracle drug!
    Sending good vibes and well wishes as your pregnancy comes to a close.


    • I guess that’s why they are called mans best friend… ;) thanks for the tip! i’ll definitely ask about it next time we go in… which will probably be sooner than later :] thanks again! and btw your son is so adorable. you are one brave momma :)

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