The Sun Is Coming, The Sun Is Coming!!

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Okay, it’s always sunny here, but even in a place of constant sun, I’m looking forward to summer and backyard barbecues and running through our freshly mowed weeds with my ever perky pup. This weekend we conquered our great fear and took Bentley to a dog park. I’ve heard horror stories of such places and have avoided them like an Egyptian plague but when my friend invited us to join her and her dog, well, a couple aching for social interaction must not waste such opportunities ; ) We got there and sat in our car, dreading the confrontations from other dog moms about how our dog is bullying their dog (he has a horrible habit of giving WAY too many kisses. Incessant kisses, one might say). But we rallied and decided to walk him around the perimeter to, I don’t know, get him use to his surroundings I suppose. Then, deep breath, in we went and holy rockin cow! My boy did SO good! I was soooo proud of he! Running, playing nicely with the other dogs! Biggest smile on his golden face! Greg and I looked like parents who just dropped their kid off at kindergarten for the first time. It was pathetic but oh so happy. I really can’t wait to take him back cause, let’s face it, we’ve talked about the lack of socializing that guy before…

His favorite friend is obviously Lulu. She’s my friends dog and sometimes she comes over to play while Kat is at work. Lookie lookie – they even visit the watering hole together <3 IMG_0253

Yesterday was a lazy day which was lovely and oh so needed. I’ve been getting up real early to get the dishes done and the house straightened before Greg goes to work so that I can work on my stuff too! It’s been quite fun, minus the early mornings, but even those help me get going so I suppose that is a good thing. In true artistic style, I painted over my last lady again and have been working all week to get her back hehe. She was too dark before so now she looks freakishly white. Awesome. Not. My big task for the day was painting our little number sign out front. It’s been the most awful red color and has bothered me all these months, so it has been painted the only color we own – grey – the color of our dining room table, chairs, side table and now sign out front. Soon our whole house shall be painted this color, simply because we have it. IMG_0218But, I like it. It makes me happy. To wrap up our laziness, we decided, the grocery store is not necessary, even though our food supply has run short. One can always have breakfast for dinner! And so we did. And we finished our Harry Potter marathon which was nice because I couldn’t for the life of me remember what happened so it was quite exciting. IMG_0227

The weather has been HOT lately. It’s currently 88 right now! So naturally, that makes me want to be outside more. This has led to a lot of meals sitting in our driveway BUT NOT ANYMORE!! I’m constantly wrestling in my head over saving for something I love or getting something cheap and temporary so yesterday, I finally broke down and said no more to the meals on the floor. I ordered the cheapest plastic adirondack chairs I could find AND a picnic table and I got a call today saying they were on their way to be delivered! I can’t wait to surprise Greg with a meal outside that didn’t take place on the ground : ) : ) It’s been so very hard for me to not tell him they came : ) I couldn’t believe how fast! Oh my. What a difference. I just sat out there for a second and soaked in the sun and listened to the rustling leaves and the birds wings flapping as they flew over and ahhhhh its was magical. OH I forgot to tell you the best part! Our backyard is mostly, no, entirely weeds. I knew they would ask where I wanted the picnic table and went to check the area full of overgrown-ness and dog umm droppings, and was so embarrassed. Had I known they would be delivering the next day, I would have had Greg mow it yesterday when he mowed the front lawn. I had no clue how to start up that man machine and had heard Greg complain about how difficult it was each time it was used. But! I tried a couple things and on it came! Seriously, I am beyond proud. And I got it mostly mowed before it died, so that’s another thing I can be giddy to show that guy when he comes home. I will not attempt to fill it with gas again. I remember my parents not being pleased the last time I tried that. Who knew all gas wasn’t the same :-> I saw, in all it’s glory, my full artistic brain while mowing this space. I see Greg (and everyone else in the world) approach such a task with methodical accuracy. Back and forth, back and forth. That approach didn’t occur to me till later as I zigzagged here and there approaching those weeds like a Jackson Pollock painting. Let’s go over here! Oh, over there looks overgrown! Hmm now over here! Ah well, it’s mostly mowed : ) And how happy it makes me. See, Mondays can be happy. And look! We can even see a smidge of the mountains now! Oh, hallelujah. IMG_0254 IMG_0251 IMG_0252


  1. It’s wonderful!! You have a yard!!! With lots of space and a place to sit and a place to eat and a (fruit) tree of some kind (or overgrown bush?) and a cute little section of picket fence! I love it!
    PS: Congrats. on the mower – I’m terrified of those things; haven’t used ours yet. Once I cut the whole lawn with large shears! I think you deserve an award: “Best Industrious New Wife”. Keep up the good work!
    PSS: I LOVE Bentley’s new friend, LuLu!
    Miss you, Cindy


    • Yes! It’s a pretty decent sized yard too! If we owned it, it’d be real fun to fix up nicely : ) For now, it has two lemon trees, a lime tree and like a cutie tree? maybe? and a whole lot of dirt. You must try mowing! I had the funnest time! I was overly proud of myself which probably contributed to the fun. Probably similar to what it’s like the first time someone gets to do dishes – fun, but gets old real fast ; ) ps I thought about cutting all of it with shears too but got overwhelmed… I’m glad i’m not the only one : D Love and miss you guys!!


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