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I’m kind of in shock that we really only have two more weekends here. I was especially sad we won’t be getting to celebrate Christmas in this cozy little place so this weekend my dear friend and Christmas LOVER, Laurah, came up to have an early Christmas celebration. To Greg’s horror, we listened to Christmas music, had plans to bake Christmas cookies and drink pumpkin spice lattes but considering the weather was pushing triple digits, the prospect of heating up the oven went out the window and the pumpkin spice lattes turned into pumpkin spice frappuccinos. We stopped by the Christmas store in town and I got this lovely little ornament.

I was SO excited to give it to Greg cause he’s rather sentimental for a guy and I thought it was just perfect! It was glass (my favorite), it had our bridge, and it had all the lil sailboats underneath to remember the America’s Cup that’s been going on and each thing! I was so pleased with myself and eagerly rushed back up to present him with such a fine gift. His response was, “Ohhhh! You got me an ugly ornament!” Sigh, my eyes were opened and I saw how truly ugly it really was. I guess being surrounded by tacky merman ornaments in the store, it made this one look downright classy. Nevertheless it WILL be on our tree this Christmas and will serve to forever remind me of our wonderful little time here : ) I still like it.

On Saturday, the America’s Cup was having their first race so we headed down to the playground to watch and listen to it on the monkey bars. I have never seen so many boats on the water. It was kind of incredible. (This picture was taken after they all dispersed… add about a thousand more white dots and you’ve got what it looked like) : )

Later that day we had a wine pickup in Napa so we headed up there for their little pickup party. It was quite fun – live music, lots of wine tastings, really good fresh salad and the most amazing pizza I’ve probably ever had – you really had to fight for it! One sour older woman server really didn’t like Greg for whatever reason and would look at us with her tray of fresh pizza and promptly turn completely around to give it to people who had already been served. It was rather amusing. Luckily there was a sweet young boy who we lured into giving us first pick from his trays : )

We sat out on the lawn and sipped and feasted and listened to a really good one man band who sounded a whole lot like Joe Cocker. At the end, we got to go into the caves to get our last pour of their big bucks wine. This is how Greg and I act when we drink.

^^My classy husband and his twirling wife

On Sunday we went back to the church we love and met a super sweet girl that seemed genuinely sad we were leaving. We were quite touched that someone cared : ) One of my best friends, Kristin, FINALLY came up to visit… nine months later… but it was so good to see her. Greg even hung out with us the whole time which was so nice! Since Greg and I met living many miles away from each other, we don’t share a whole lot of mutual friends so I love when we he has a chance to get to know people who are important to me. Anyways, that’s about all that’s been happening. Today I’m going to start packing… saaaaad dayyyy and continue praying we find the perfect next place! I’ve learned Greg’s more picky about where we will live than I am! Who’d of thunk : ) Happy Monday!

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