Rainy Days and Mondays

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Do NOT get me down! Oh my, this weekend was so wonderfully lazy I can’t even tell you how it soothed my soul. Saturday I woke up to the most wonderful gift from the Lord – rain! When the weather has been perfectly lovely, to sneak a rainy day in there, it just does this body good. It’s like it goes into a mental, slow down, just relax and enjoy mode. We had our fancy weekend french press coffee in our pretty, too-small-but-still-adorable coffee cups and lay in bed for hours watching the rain pour down and in, considering we had all the windows open. It was positively magical.

When we first moved in here, Greg was out running errands and I had all the windows open trying to air out the lovely chemical smell this place was sweet enough to offer as a housewarming present, and all of a sudden it just started pouring! Sudden downpours make me giddy. That was, I think, the last time it rained hard here. It’s has sprinkled here and there… maybe a minute or two of solid rain, but I’d been hoping it would rain like that just one more time while we were here… and it did!! Excitement!

Later, we went for a lil walk down to the market to get some food and on our way back up, something happened that we had hoped for since day one. We looked up and there was…. the white dog! looking over his roof down to the street where we were at. We locked eyes and had a moment. We always see him from our window but had yet to see him from the road. The things that make us smile.

This then made us wonder why that doggon breeder had never written or called us back. She had been awful flaky and slow about answering questions. She would tell us to call but never returned our maybe too frequent and eager calls. Needless to say, we were getting very discouraged. We have talked about a dog probably every day we’ve been married – “the white dog,” “the red dog,” “oh he’s a good dog,” “IIIIII wanna dog!” We even contacted a breeder when we were newly married and almost went through with it but we had just gotten back from a succession of trips and had yet to unpack and get settled. Plus, our place was pretty small so we thought we’d wait to get adjusted first. Back up a bit… A couple weeks ago, I was talking to my mom about the move and expressing how sad and discouraged I was. This place had the Lords fingerprints all over it – he practically shoved us in the door and handed us the keys. I didn’t want to leave but my mom very encouragingly said, “I know He will guide you to a new place there and will do something very specific that will tell you He loves you.” I’ve been eagerly awaiting seeing what He will do. Not only did He give us a place in a beautiful neighborhood, he gave us a guest room which I’ve always wanted, AND a studio, AND a big backyard, AND a garage! Plus, it’s under what we were expecting to pay and the lady liked Greg so much (duh, he’s a charmer), she went back on her no dog policy and is willing to let us finally have one. Now, this made us, umm… how do we say… ecstatic? Hence why we contacted the breeder.. hence the excitement in the last post. Then! The Lord, in His goodness said, no no children. I know you are excited but (chuckles here) let’s take a look at your bank account. ….We had gotten a bit delusional about such things and forgot to consider that (ha!) there is no way, right now, that we could afford a $2,500 dog as we saw they were going for. We just couldn’t. So, He led us to the most amazing breeder we could have ever asked for. We were a bit concerned because their prices were remarkably low, but his explanation was, “You know, we love these dogs. They have brought us so much joy over the years. We’ve been breeding Goldens since we got married, 22 years ago, just because we love them and love to be able to be a part of giving so much happiness to another family. We aren’t in it for the money but we just want to charge enough to know they are going to a good home that will cherish and take care of them.” Umm, how amazing is that! No games, no waiting for a response back for days and days. So, all that to say, this lil guy will be in our ever so eager arms next week.

I. cannot. WAIT. to meet him! So, we’ve pretty much been watching every dog training video available on youtube cause we are going to have a good dog! : ) I’m pretty sure this was His gift I’ve been waiting for because I cannot WAIT to move down now and turn that funny little house into a happy home.


  1. Ray faulk says

    You always continue to amaze me! Your incredible faith in God for both his provision and care of your futures is so inspiring Hillary! You have no idea! And this coming from someone who has been a Christian for 47 years. I am so encouraged by your transparency. We love you and know God has you in His arms.


  2. Taylor Welty says

    I have the same philosophy on rain…. It made me slowwwww down. No one was in thw house so i opened the door to the backyard while it was pouring and played and played my piano :) Something I needed so much. I can just picture you guys spotting da white dok! He’s real good!! Andddd, I can’t wait to meet the new lil guy… He’s so pwesus. :) :) The Lord has so many treasures for you guys at this next house… I’m so glad you’re already spotting them! You da bess :) and are such an encouragement and inspiration to me :)


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