Packing and Pumpkins

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On Monday, I was packing up the stuff that isn’t on display so as to not leave it all to the last minute and I found my box of cards that I’ve been lugging around with me for many years. Add to that an extra emotional lady and ten minutes into reading a couple, I became a blubbering mess. So, having found many that had been left on my bed from my mom and my sister over the years, I was overwhelmed with the reality that I’ll only have a couple more weeks that I can just run over to say hi. So that’s exactly what I did. Greg called my mom to “see what my favorite birthday dessert was” which really was meant to lead to “what are you up to today…busy?” She said she was just painting and voila – an impromptu visit was in the making. She was so surprised and SO happy someone was there to keep her company while my dad’s in Italy on this wonderful missions trip. Seriously, it’s probably the most fun “mission” trip ever organized.

So bummed we couldn’t go this year but hopefully the next one will have these Nettles in attendance. Most importantly I got to hang out with my hairy red brother and had a lovely time with my momma. Plus! The next day I was able to go to lunch with my momma AND my sister ANDDDD we got our first pumpkin spice lattes of the season. Finally!On my way home I went to pick up some more boxes and packing supplies.. what would you spend for four medium boxes and some packing paper. Ya, I didn’t thing $45 was very realistic either.. I got home and Greg and I thought longingly about all the boxes and paper we had thrown away from our wedding presents. It must have been worth hundreds! Anyways, apparently that’s a good business direction to consider once I get around to choosing an actual direction to pursue : ) Best news of all though, was my glasses finally came in!

I can’t even begin to tell you how these dainty little things have rocked my world. I put them on and instantly got the giggles. I might have said a little to enthusiastically, “I can see!” and the lady in the shop gave me the most annoyed look. She was very unfriendly. I told her they looked a bit crooked and she replied, “that’s just your eyebrows.” So, I left a bit annoyed at having to tweak them myself but overwhelmingly delighted at how crisp everything was now! Trees have leaves again! I can see things across the room that I didn’t even know were there! Ah! Amazing. And, good news. Greg likes them more than my last ones : ) Success!

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    So glad to hear from you again. I know first hand that packing is a PAIN! Having recently packed most of Chris’ house. I know it will be hard being so far from family, believe me, I know that also. But at least you will still be in the same state!!

    Praying that you will find a place to hang your hat & lay your heads soon.




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