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I haven’t been doing it lately. BUT I recently read an article (from a legitimate source!) that walking has the same, if not more (yippee!), health benefits as running. This. is. good. news. I HATE running. I love walking. I could walk for days and days as long as my trick hip doesn’t give out. So, the other day I decided, screw art, I want to be a screenwriter. The problem with that is you look at a screen all day… hence my newfound need and love of the walk! Let me introduce you to this street of loveliness where we live for the next two weeks : )

But first, a little background. I have a fondness of trees and all things green. I knew once Greg and I got married, we would live in the city. Now, I love the city but I’m not a city girl. I need my green. So I ever so slyly suggested this idyllic town of Sausalito as a lovely alternative, my dad hyped up the wonderfulness of the ferry commute and BAM we had a man set on living in the city close to work, all of a sudden considering a one hour commute across the ocean to get to his final destination each day. Luckily for me, this man lives to make his girl happy. When he sees my face light up, his heart is full of joy and happiness. These streets do that to my face and consequently, his heart.
They all look like this! All curvy and bendy with the trees saying hello to the trees on the other side.. the dappled light… ahhh. Add to that the big beautiful houses and the tiny adorable ones, and you have a walk made for my imagination.

IMG_6313 I love to stop and dream about what it would be like to live in each house.. what I would do to it of course.. and how I would always be smiling and happy if only I lived there. Things are always happy in your dream world right? I’ve never heard of anyone dreaming of plumbing issues and marital disagreements.. Anyways, this is my happy place and I am savoring each bit of it, exploring each new bend in this quite expansive neighborhood. I try to stay as flat as possible in this hilly little town but this street took me a long ways down to a dark place, but I looked up and there was the most beautiful light coming through the trees. Best part, it smelled just like my childhood which was spent mostly exploring in the forest. Sure I still move my whole body with the remote when playing video games, but I can build a killer fort and don’t even get me started on my imagination abilities.

^^the smell of childhood was here : )

^^the smell of childhood was here : )

So anyways, I convinced Greg to look at an apartment for us to live and turned down this street..

And I said, Oh please don’t take me back to the grey, cement city! And then we turned down this street..

Which lead to this one..

Which ended up being where we would play house for nine months! That’s our place but we live below : ) Here’s our little mailbox that our landlords like to remind us, was not cheap!

And you pretty much follow that path of preciousness to our place! Almost everyone here looks out on a view of the bay..

It’s quite remarkable and pictures truly don’t capture it. So, I have decided this is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the world and it is such a treat to live here for a bit. I’ve also decided I’ll stop being so down on LA cause I know it will have a ton of great things to offer which I will miss if I keep comparing it to this very different little town. I’m actually very excited for our next LA adventure! I got two whole cabinets cleared out and packed up and most of the laundry room aka junk storage room (which really never got unpacked : D ) so, progress! In other news, I stood at the meat counter for 35 minutes today waiting for a butcher to show up. Apparently one called in sick and the other disappeared. The man next to me kept muttering, “I know he’s stuck in the freezer, probably dead by now!” But I met a very nice lady who stuck with me and understood that when you plan a meal, you depend on buying the exact ingredients. It was very frustrating because I could see my cod right there, waiting for me to purchase it. It was kind of funny because eventually they gave up and just sent two managers over who had never packed meat before and didn’t know what was what. I was quite amused. Aaaaaand it’s the weekend! Happy weekend everybody.

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  1. angelmomaln@aol.com says

    How very blessed you have been during these last few months to live in this earthly paradise. Wherever you two end up, it will be another very special place because of the love you bring there. Thank you for the lovely walk down your lane.

    Love & hugs to you my dear ones.

    Just plain mom


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