The Big Hurrah

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This morning I woke up before 7 (I know, woah) and it was so very quiet and peaceful and just magically lovely. The fog had covered the city and the sun was just peaking over the clouds, all I could do was stand in awe of how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful place. I tried to take a picture but failed to capture it at all so instead just stood there soaking it all up. The day before our landlords told us that it looks like the person that had come to look at the house would probably go through and that we are looking at an October 1st move in date.. So, being that it is the first day of September, I am determined to enjoy every bit of this month : )

We went to a church in San Rafael that we (finally!) absolutely loved! It was so refreshing and the sermon was such a burst of truth, I left so happy. Then we got to go to Tiburon for lunch which is one of the cutest towns ever and less touristy than Sausalito so naturally I liked it more.. : )  We met the sweetest dog there which I had never heard of before called a Chinook. Wikipedia describes them as “an affectionate and playful family companion with a special devotion toward children.” Could that be any more cute? Eeeee I can’t wait to get a dog someday : )

But let’s back up a bit.. not knowing when we would have to leave, we’ve been trying to have everyone we can up because well, things are just enjoyed better with other people. SO Friday, my parents and aunts and uncles were all miraculously able to come up at the same time for an impromptu birthday dinner for my dad. Also, they had all put SO much work into our wedding, we really wanted to throw a little party to thank them. I mean, my aunt Cindy made this gorgeous cake all herself! How could you not be forever indebted to such a person? She saved me from waking up early to make my own cake (which I was fully planning on doing ; ) )

So, I was feverishly trying to get the house clean and the food ready for the party and in came a text saying someone was coming to look at the place right before everyone was due to arrive. We told them it was not a good day but received the reply that it will only take three minutes. Sigh, but everything came together in time and we were able to even relax for a bit before everyone arrived, which really just means we were able to wander around the house, trying not to sit on anything so we didn’t get that indent in the seat for everyone’s first impression. We are weird. I should say am weird.. I’ve just corrupted my poor husband. He now fluffs pillows cause he knows it makes me happy.Plus! I finally got to get some new flowers which made me so so sooo happy cause they had little acorn tree branches for fall which I loved. PS Williams Sonoma finally has their fall candle out!!! I keep my old ones in a cabinet so I can smell that loveliness year-round, but I always look forward to getting a new one each year : ) : ) I love fall. 

When we registered for our wedding, I wanted to ask for some more plates but Greg said 1) he didn’t like them and 2) we would never need more than six. Guess who was eating off of salad plates when we had nine guests over. I think I can successfully argue that with our next set, more will be needed : ) Anyways, Greg and I both said this night was one of our favorites here. We had such a wonderful time with everyone and enjoyed ourselves immensely. It seemed like the “If you’re going to San Francisco” song was on repeat and I stood at our window looking out over to the city thanking the Lord for our time here. It seemed like one big last hurrah as the move becomes more of a reality. Plus, we had prayed that it wouldn’t be foggy just for one night and boy did He deliver.. it was the hottest night of the year it seems!

IMG_6037Everyone rented a room down at Cavallo Point so we got to join them for a lovely breakfast the next morning. We feel so so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives. My favorite memories of my childhood were sitting back and soaking in the happiness at the dinner parties my parents would throw. I love each of those people so much and it brings me SO much joy that I have a husband that loves them as much as I do : )

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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