Hairs to be cut, soups to be had

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There hasn’t been too much going on lately.. it has been, what my roommates fondly refer to as “shark week.” I’m not sure if that was because you turn into a vicious animal, or because sharks are attracted to blood, but either way, this “occurrence” caused Greg to cautiously ask, “why are you slamming all the doors?” to which I may have yelled, “get OUT of my kitchen unless you want to get hurt!” Yes, that happened. Don’t worry, we laughed about it for the four hours we couldn’t sleep last night. We’ve also been enjoying soup after soup as there seemed to have been a minor glitch in that doggon budgeting system that may have put us a few doll hairs over, yet again. We’ll get a hang of it eventually. Luckily we both love soup ESPECIALLY fall soup : ) : ) so it’s been quite tasty, if not as hearty as we were accustomed to. I broke my first wedding present which made me rather sad.. especially since we only have a month left here before we move. So to confirm from before, we are now looking at a September 28th move out date which seems to be approaching rather quickly. Yikes! I am very much looking forward to seeing how the Lord will provide again as we seem to be in the state of full reliance on Him once more – which is, as we all know, the best (but from a human standpoint, the scariest) place to be. We did meet the couple that will be taking our place – a super sweet Australian couple who came in and even had a cocktail with us. If we were staying, we’d probably be friends : ) I got my hair cut finally (I had attempted putting in just “a few layers” myself, only to have a very lopsided hairdo for quite some time now) so the prospect of getting it done professionally was quite exciting. Unfortunately, that bit of yelling referred to up there ^^ may have led to some making up which may have contributed to some, ahem, love bites on the neck region which, when I realized I had my hair appointment the next day (the one day of the year someone would actually be looking at my neck), and my makeup decided to rebel and say that it will not in fact, give the slightest effort to try to cover anything up, I became quite embarrassed. C’est la vie. Greg didn’t see why I was the least bit ashamed stating that I was after all, married. But, nevertheless I went to the hairdresser like a bashful puppy with his tail between his legs. Yusss I made out with my husband….. I’m sorry…… As usual, I can’t decide if I like it or not, and I have discovered, one side is still longer than the other but at least I think it’s an improvement from what it was before. Just waiting for those blasted bangs to GROWWWW

^^ picture for you mommy : )

OOOoo!! I also FINALLY got some new glasses!! But I don’t get them for another week… but I’m awfully excited about the prospect of being able to read traffic signs once more. Other than that, we’ve just been working away. I’ve really been enjoying working on this painting of my little winter boy, and Greg’s just been kickin buttocks as usual. He seems to really be enjoying his job. I love hearing him talking in his meetings. I’ll miss not having him around all the time buttttt then again I think we’ll both benefit nicely from just a wee bit of space : ) So, let’s see… 23 days and counting!
PS Greg totally set a date in the far future for baby makin’ time. Be happy soon to be grandparents. It’s in the calendar ; )

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