Wemember Wednesday

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date night / terrific trips / wedded bliss

I was going to use “Turn Back Tuesday” until I realized it… was already Wednesday. Where has this week gone?? It’s been full of dud meals and sporadic sobs for no reason (gotta love being a woman) so let’s remember the better things shall we : ) Actually, Greg’s been wanting me to put this up for you, Lory, since it seemed to have slipped his mind when he told you about our LA trip.

A month ago we went down to San Diego for our friend’s beautiful wedding and stayed with the wonderful Michael Klein in LA for a week so Greg could work at his new office. PS if you haven’t checked out his new employers website, check it out! I’m a bad wife and only just looked at it for the first time yesterday but I was very impressed: http://madeinhaus.com/ The place of white at the end of the picture reel is his office which looks pretty sweet in my opinion and no it’s not cause I have an obsession with white… well maybe a little but still.. Look!! Anyways, part of my Christmas present last Christmas was to go see Bocelli at the Hollywood Bowl (which was AMAZING) which happened to be a week after the wedding hence the real reason we stayed down there in the first place.. ANYWAYS all that to say, Greg took me to one night at the Sunset Tower Hotel!

Here’s where the fun part comes in. He had called ahead and asked if there were any upgrades so when we got there the lady said she was “very sorry, we had to upgrade you to the Penthouse.” After we had picked our jaws up off the counter, we giggled our way to the elevator bumbling along with our goofy worn out luggage and pushed this button (making sure to take a picture as this probably won’t ever happen again until I make us our millions).

And walked into this room. We had the goofiest grins on our little faces and kept spinning around pretending we were extremely wealthy. I don’t know what it is, but awful British accents usually make an appearance in these sort of circumstances.

We felt so rich that Greg even let us eat and drink things from the minibar! So we enjoyed a lovely small bottle of champagne and the most delicious nuts out on this wraparound patio that overlooked all of West Hollywood. It was gorgeous.

There were so many options of where to sit, it was hard to just pick one! So naturally, we sat in them all. What started it all was my desire to go somewhere that “just had a bathtub.” We don’t have one at our place so it’s always such a treat to go somewhere that does. And this place did. Oh my. This was the most amazing bath I’ve ever been in. If I am rich one day, and I intend to be ; ) , I will seek out this bath and buy one for my own self. It was HUGE and deep and oh so comfy AND they had the most delicious smelling scents and REAL candles and it looked out on a beautiful patio with lovely flowers. It was so dreamy. And there was a couch in the bathroom which is always fun : )

We went down to the Tower Bar for cocktails and appetizers before going to see Bocelli. Here is one of the many reasons I selected Greg as my life partner : D His ardent attempt at the Welty “ssss”

It was a really cool old place with lots of pictures of past starlets and lots of neat stories about the famous folks that used to live there. Bocelli was amazing except in my opinion, he seemed rather shy but quirky and the other performers tended to talk for him or over him.. I would rather have heard his shy comments more than their funny ones. But, he had an incredible voice and I was honored to be able to see him live thanks to my wonderful husband.

Oh! One more thing! The next morning, we went down to our complimentary continental breakfast which was also incredible. I didn’t bring my phone or else I would have taken a picture of the preciousness. The had greek yogurts in tiny little mason jars with burlap cloth wrapped over the top. They had berries in sweet little woven baskets and delicious pastries and coffee and each thing but everything was so beautifully presented, it was a delight. While Greg was away getting his treats, a group of British women sat down directly beside us. Of course he comes back talking with his horribly fake British accent to be met with the death stare of stop now or else these ladies will murder you. It was a wonderful trip and we are so blessed to be given such lavish and entirely unexpected treats from above. He is so good to us. : )

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