‘Merica and other happenings

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To catch you up on this weeks happenings, it started with my mom writing early in the week to ask if she could bring my Aunt Sarah up for her 50th birthday to see the house and have a luncheon with her sisters. I thought it would be real fun so I set out to get the place in order while Greg was still away in LA. Then this happened.

As it turns out, I have defiant limbs. I actually watched my hand dump an entire cup of hot coffee on myself and each surrounding sheet. Needless to say, the house smelled like wet animal for the whole day and probably into the next party day. We are slowly breaking our wedding presents in… no.. more… perfectly fluffly.. white comforter… :'( ah well.. The party turned out really well and was lots of fun. And Greg came back that night so all was well : )

The next day was the Fourth of July which we planned to enjoy from home but got depressed being all alone on such a family holiday and decided to go down to Santa Cruz. We stayed up long enough to hear a random marching band go by in town playing Jimmy Eat World tunes. It was strange but happy. I also horrified Greg by serving him my “patriotic” breakfast that didn’t exactly align with his ideas of nutrition.

Luckily Santa Cruz was much less foggy and a whole lot less windy with loads more fun so we decided this was a good choice.

To avoid traffic, we went through the wooded highway the entire way home. It took the same amount of time as sitting in the traffic, but we were moving and it was pretty. Clearly, it was fun.

My studmuffin husband

^^My studmuffin husband

Pools are much more fun than lonely depression

^^Pools are much more fun than lonely depression

We hung out at the pool long enough for Greg to get severely burned on both sides and later went to see my dad’s band play at Sky Park and watch the fireworks show. Greg and Donna Thompson were randomly in town so they came to visit for a bit which was nice.

And thennnn we sat in the car for an hour waiting to get out of the parking lot.

The rest of the weekend was filled with more pool time, a whole lot of relaxing and much much feasting. With these wonderful people.

I also told Greg I wanted to have a kid and he pretty much choked and spilled his drink simultaneously. Sorry parents, that won’t be happening anytime soon : ) Happy Monday!

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