Poor Little Newlyweds

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mmmm meals / wedded bliss

We weren’t home long yesterday before Greg declared there was no food in the cupboards! I try to get rid of everything before we go on trips and I don’t like to keep too many snacks around or else I eat them : D *no self control* so this wasn’t new news to me. I was planning on going to the store that day but before I knew it, it was 1:30 and I was getting angry hungry. This is the part where I felt like a rockstar wife: IIIIII created a nutritious lunch from empty cupboards!!!! This was no peanut butter sandwich… This was delicious puttanesca with tomatoes and capers and fresh parsley that still happened to be good in the fridge and each thing! I was so very proud of myself hence why I’m telling you about it now. And then as I sat down to see how much we had to spend on this weeks groceries, I had the wonderfully romantic realization that we are broke newlyweds! Greg spoils me so much I’ve never noticed but as we’ve been cracking down lately to stay in a tighter budget, this was a big wakeup call that I found oddly romantic. So, as we stared at the big goose egg that represented what we had allotted for food, we got out the puttanesca again for dinner – this time with less sauce and less excitement. But we did make some delicious negronis that made up for some of our disappointment and later some freshly popped popcorn which is probably my favorite snack ever so I was happy. I guess it made me smile because even though we are poor at the moment, I couldn’t be happier or more content and we have so much to be thankful for and many more opportunities to try to be more creative and make things stretch which always excites me. Andddd I finally got my budget figured out which makes this nerd ridiculously excited. Happy Tuesday everyone : )

^^our poor little meal puttanesca round 2

^^our poor little meal puttanesca round 2

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