Oh happy day

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I’m glad I’ve been keeping this blog because if it were up to my memory, I’d say it’s been gray and windy all summer. Really it’s only been a month but it feels like it’s been forever. Greg says I should pray for sun but I’m hesitant because this is making me excited to move : ) BUT in other news, there are so many happy things happening! Greg’s paycheck came in today which means I get to get groceries!!! Yesterday I remembered the coin jar and was able to scrounge up enough to get us some cream and two of the tiniest zucchinis I’ve ever seen but at least we had some sort of vegetable! The guy at the store made fun of me for paying with coins but whatever. I came home and made a quiche for lunch and some “pasta” alfredo for dinner since we were out of the fettuccine. I’ve had the funnest time trying to come up with things we could make with what we have. I even made some homemade focaccia for the first time which ended up being quite tasty. We’ll be eating bread for days.

Lately I’ve really grown to love doing dishes which is great cause I feel like I do them all day. I think it’s because I love my alone time and since I don’t get much of it anymore with Greg working from home, it’s the one time I can put on my music and be in my own little space in my own little world. I just have to worry about Greg coming around the corner and seeing me dancing like an idiot. My iPod is usually on shuffle so I get to feel a nice range of emotions from super happy to so very sad. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Bocelli’s song “Era Gia Tutto Previsto.” It’s so wonderfully sad it makes me want to weep from it’s beauty : ) also Josh Groban’s “To Where You Are” and Sarah Brightman’s “Puccini: Turandot – Nessun Dorma” – that song I used to listen to on the way to work and I’d always arrive with smeary eye makeup. Apparently I’m going though a sad classical phase… anyways mostly I stand in there washing away with a happy heart, so thankful I don’t have to work at a job I hate anymore. Minus my days of selfishness and self pity, I love being a non stressed little wife : ) It’s the most wonderful “job” in the world. People often ask me when I’m going to get another job but making a happy home is really my #1 priority and something I really enjoy doing – I’m hardly ever stressed anymore and I love what I do and Greg loves not having to do housework so it works out for everyone. And when I get everything done, I get to paint which is awesome! Anyways, here’s our little but happy little kitchen. Yes, that is a window into the bedroom. There is very little privacy here ; ) but it does make it nice to look out on something whilst washing away since our bedroom windows look out on the bay!Here’s my lady I’m currently working on.. I painted over a swirly landscape I was doing (hence why it’s so bumpy) I’m trying a new method to train my eye and it’s much harder but it’s quite fun too! I dunno.. I may paint over her too you just never know ; ) In other news, I finally got health insurance so mom, you can stop worrying : ) Aaaaand I finally found inspiration to work out on a regular basis. Just watch a Victoria Secret video and you’ll get up off the couch real quick. The dogs are fighting outside our window (We look out on a roof where they like to hang out). We call him “white dog” but I’m convinced his name is Herold. He always answers when I call him that. Happy Hump Day! 

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