10 Highlights from the week : )

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family days / terrific trips

Last week was busy busy busy but so much fun… here are our highlights:

1) “Cocktails” at the Burkes!
>>My cousin and her hubs invite us over to see their adorable new place.
>>My dad asks if he and my mom could come too.
>>I drop the ball on communicating that we would like to come over for cocktails and would like them to come over for dinner.
>>We arrive and Lauren asks if anyone would like water.
>>Mom responds that she would “prefer wine.”
The awkward moment you realize you have forgotten to mention the little bit about “cocktails at your place, dinner at mine.” Confusion on both sides ensues. Oh the embarrassment.

But look what a beautiful spread they turned out! Pina coladas all around! They’re the sweetest : )

2) Part two of the night – Lauren and Sean come over for delicious rib dinner and we make homemade pasta and get to visit with our beloved friends. 3) Celebrating Taywad’s Birfday
Monday, Taylor took the day off cause it was HER BIRTHDAYYY!!!!! We had the most relaxing time laying on the lawn at this place and later did some shopping. We went into the giant Pottery Barn at Stanford and it made me increasingly excited to someday have bedside tables.. I’m starting to make a list of things I can look forward to when we move so I’m not so terribly heartbroken. So far I’m up to having bedside tables, being able to control our own heat, and having doors that shut easily. Oh also having more three pronged outlets and outlets in general around the house. It’s the little things! : )

4) Rolling down this hill

5) Heading to San Diego and bike riding around Coronado Island with these favorite people and all my aunts and uncles. We were part of the “adult” group : D

6) Going on a walk with Taylor and having her pick up a cactus only to find 7 tiny splinters magically appear in each finger. Apparently pain gives us the giggles. Also, meeting the big horse at the bottom of the hill.

7) Taking this picture and then falling from this wall into the sand. Greg hates sand but I couldn’t stop laughing. It hurt. There it is again… pain and giggles. Maybe it’s like nervous laughter but painful laughter? …..

^^the little wall that seems bigger when you’re falling backward from it

8) Spending ample amounts of time sitting by the pool and reading.

9) Greg’s favorite moment was apparently watching me trying to do sit ups in the car.

10) But hands down, this one takes the cake for both of us:

Taylor checked her bag in at the airport only to see it slowly going down the conveyer belt with a pocket open, gradually emptying her dirty underwear as it went. I’ve never seen her face so very red. Luckily they were cute undies and the lady said she could hop over and get them : )

I hope you all had a happy week with lots of laughs!

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