Big Sur Bound

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The strangest thing happened this morning: Neither Greg or I have been sleeping well lately so thankfully we got a full 11 hours! last night and woke up very discombobulated. It was foggy, but there were no obnoxious fog horns to be heard. We had run out of coffee so we walked down to the Starbucks in town to find not one boat out on the water for as far as we could see! Not one giant cargo ship, not one tiny sailboat, not even any kayakers! It was very odd but strangely quiet and peaceful. And there is your tid bit from today : ).. Anyways, Greg took me to the most adorable cabin in Big Sur this last weekend. He had been looking at the 10 greatest baths in the world or something (sweetly feeding my obsession) and this one had made the list. It came with two outdoor baths by a fireplace underneath the redwoods. This sounded amazing since we both have a very different idea on what the perfect temperature of water is (apparently mine threatens our future children). Sounds awfully romantic but my dear husband decided to do just a couple chores before we left and ended up pulling his back out from the twisting and bending position that shower scrubbing calls for. (Hence the reason I never have enjoyed cleaning showers : ) …but he was scrubbing with a toothbrush so he gets big points) Nevertheless, it may have not been how we pictured the weekend going in our minds, but it was still so much fun to get away and eat and talk and eat and talk and talk and boys love to talk. : D

Although we didn’t get to take advantage of any hiking or adventures, we did get to play Table Topics (aka the game we found in the cupboard)! It sounds rather cheesy, but it was actually really fun! We found out a whole lot about each other and Greg said he was impressed with me so of course I liked it. (Compliment hog)

We had a fire in the back, and a fire in the front. I think we both liked the front fire the best because it looked over all that green in the first picture and we could hear the rushing river and seemed to be the perfect place to have our evening cocktails anddd our morning coffee : )

Give me good food and I am a happy girl. And that he did. I don’t know if I was just happy to take a break from cooking and cleanup or what but everywhere we went was really delicious. The first place we went was Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn which was pretty adorable aesthetics wise which always makes me happy and the food was pretty decent. I’d probably go again : )

It was pretty funky and precious as things seem to be in Big Sur. I got a horrible case of the hiccups which Greg claimed was his favorite moment in marriage. He was frightened by the bunny with the pink dress and the crazy hand behind me. We had a very riveting discussion, oysters, good wine, good food, and coffee. Ah! And good bread pudding but not as good as my mommas : )

The next morning we went to the Big Sur Bakery which was also pretty precious. The guy did fancy latte art which I’m always a fan of, and I convinced myself a puffy piece of bread loaded with sugar was a nutritious breakfast choice. We had a good display of people watching and decided once again that Europeans will always dress better.

Naturally, we came home to play a stimulating game of Jenga. We had a stash of cold wine bottles in the fridge to rotate for Greg’s poor broken back. I had a hard time believing he was in so much pain until nighttime would come and he would writhe all night with no one to give him attention. Then I believed him and I felt oh so bad. Luckily, we could take relaxing baths in the daytime..And the nighttime..

I have never taken so many baths in all my life. I’m surprised they didn’t provide us with a boatload of body lotion to balance out the pruney skin and scales..

We got some deliciously overpriced burritos for lunch and headed down to the river to see if Greg’s back could handle the precarious rock (we ended up eating at the picnic tables like normal elderly folks).

^^This beer was giant in real life. Hence why we bought it, hence why we took a picture.

We had dinner at a new restaurant that had opened just two weeks before (they didn’t even have a dessert menu yet!) and oh my. THAT was the best food I’ve had in a long time. I got steak and creamed spinach and I’m pretty sure it was a deep fried biscuit with honey butter that came from heaven.. and Greg got the healthy choice of salmon with perfect beets and tomatoes and healthy stuff… I could see him eyeing mine so we offered bites and ended up both liking the others more : ) Very very delicious. And then we headed home on that eyesore of a drive! Greg had to work the morning we headed back so he took me out to lunch in Carmel to make up for it.. that was also delicious. I’ve noticed our life highlights revolve strictly around food.

In other news, not one of my nails chipped all weekend. I was thoroughly impressed.

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