Dear Mother, prepare to be horrified

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mmmm meals / why do i act like a child

I would not want to deceive you by only including stories of fun and tales of adventure. No, no. I am much too honest and highly too immature to keep that up. Greg has been working incredibly hard this past week catching up on work stuff consequently leaving his oh so needy wife feeling awfully neglected. We are talking 14 hour days here (actually we are currently approaching 17 hours as we speak, poor Greg!) Now, communication is a fun thing in marriage.. somehow, in the mind of an über sensitive artist type faced with confronting a logical technical type, it gets thrown out the window to resolve problems, quickly being replaced by elaborate schemes of revenge for not understanding the poor lady’s unspoken feelings. Throwing food seems to be a common reaction among other wives I’ve talked to but I haven’t come to that yet : ) However, I did march straight to the grocery store to “pick up some food for dinner” only to return angrily with *insert shocking gasp here* a weeks worth of frozen meals. Yes, if you have not noticed our love for food yet, this. is. a. TRAGIC. consequence. and pure evil from the knowing wife. Needless to say, I felt guilty as soon as I got back to the car and saw my dear husband, still sweetly working, not even suspecting the weeks worth of awful meals coming his way. And no, I did not get the delicious pot pies or lasagnas, I got the inaccurately labeled “healthy” options which really just consist of three itty bitty broccoli florets and quarter sized pieces of chemical mystery meat. Now, as these things tend to work out, Greg happily enjoyed leftovers from last week and seemed to adequately enjoy the few meals he did have and yes, I was the one suffering profusely from flavorless cardboard creations. But, we both lit up when we remembered we had the ingredients to make the pizza intended for last week but not executed because of the 18 hour rise time for the dough that happened to slip my mind as dinnertime rolled around.. but oh my! It was so nice to actually make a real meal that required more than venting plastic and pushing a button. I love cooking but mostly I looooove cooking for my husband because I see how much it blesses him and he is always so appreciative. So, my darling Greg, I’m so sorry for the week of dud meals followed by the week of edible cardboard… but here’s to hoping next week turns out better! : ) I have never looked forward to going to the grocery store so much in my life and actually having real fruits and vegetables again. But hey! $27 for a week of groceries for two people aint so bad…. no no, there is something terribly wrong with that…

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