Happy Saturday

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This morning as I was talking to Greg, I noticed he had glowwwyyy ears! He was sitting in front of the window and the light coming through them made them glow red. I thought to myself, I wanna paint that! so out they came. Luckily Greg had to work a bit today so I had a nice hour or two to paint his focused face (which surprisingly changes quite a bit when he’s thinking). But I had the best time painting my silly little portrait sketch and remembered how much I love painting from life. It’s just getting people to slow down and sit for you for hours and hours is the tricky thing : ) I also got excited about taking some more classes soon. It finally clicked in my head that I know nothing about painting and I just make it up as I go along and it mostly turns out muddy and kinda boring so i’m excited to let people in to help me : D Another thing I’m trying that’s actually new is showing people my stuff which I hate doing unless it’s in a spot that I’m confident about. Hence the progress pic the other day and this one today. I guess I’m trying to break down my pride bit by bit and hopefully grow from it. So, here’s to pushing ourselves and continuing to learn. Happy Saturday everyone!

^^my makeshift studio complete with handsome model

^^my makeshift studio complete with handsome model

^^ someday I'll have one like this : ) : ) : )

^^ someday I’ll have one like this : ) : ) : )

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