Parks and Paintings

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family days / paintings and progress

I took Greg down to the San Jose airport on Sunday cause they had better times and also cause this lovely lady lives there and I was wishin upon a star that she could hang out. And she could!!! I love hanging out with my sister probly more than anything except Jesus and Greg. I always leave feeling like the funniest, most talented person in the world (she is the only human being on earth that catches and laughs at all my jokes, plus she’s the most encouraging person I know = treasure friend). We went down to the park to take pictures to possibly paint one day but ended up mostly trying to take a decent one of both of us, found ourselves failing badly, and promptly turned to the who can make the ugliest face game. Those will remain in the vault of trust. We both had some good ones but I just showed Greg one of mine and he said yup that’s pretty bad, so I say I win. Anyways, she’s the sweetest and took me out to dinner and we had the loveliest time. I really miss hanging out with all my friends on a regular basis. Hopefully when we move to LA, we’ll get a good clan goin. They really make all the difference in life.. in my opinion.

So Greg’s been gone for the last three days and I have had the funnest time painting madly. My momma came up on Tuesday to hang out and have a slumber party which was unexpected and oh so fun. I love having these people all to myself : ) I picked Greg up from the airport last night and since he came in around dinner time, we got to go to dinner in the city!! It was extra fun and spontaneous. I had the most delicious coq au vin and Greg had a freakin incredible coconut soup I think it was. Delicious delicious. I love good food. If that wasn’t clear yet.

Today I’ve just been painting away – I think I’m almost done with my lady! I call her Karen. I think Greg is finally realizing how messy I am when I paint. I always tell him to stay away cause the “paint magically will jump on you” but no, he took his chances and now has paint on his shirt as previously warned. It really is amazing how it gets everywhere. Yesterday I cleaned everything up and just before I walked out the door I noticed big paint footsteps tracked across our carpet. I tell you, it’s magic. I swear I have a paint ghost, subtly adding bits here and there around my house and all over me. It could be very frustrating but I have learned to embrace it and just look like a paint covered homeless woman for the day. One time, when mom and I went to a painting workshop in Tennessee, I brought my paint clothes as I know how messy I am and instantly felt out of place in the class.. but the real shock was when we took a lunch break and went to KFC, a couple of street workers came in and gasped at how dirty I was. You know you’ve crossed a line when laborers are horrified by you.

Anyways, here she is so far. I’m going to wait a couple days and see what else she needs before adding the dreaded signature. Cheers everyone!karen-1

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