11 Weeks

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baby #1 / bump / pregnancy

text - 11 weeks

Guess what, guess what!! Greg said he could finally see a bump : ) : ) You can’t really tell in these pictures cause I take them first thing in the morning and haven’t had the slightest chance to balloon, but still!

How far along? 11 weeks

Weight Gained: 3.5 lbs. Look at me, staying on track ; ) …again….taken in the moooorning….

Symptoms: I’ve either had an extremely smelly trash lately and the dog park is beginning to smell like a hundred dogs have soiled themselves indoors for weeks and weeks OR my nose is becoming more sensitive.

Movement: I’ve been laying ever so still and concentrated but nothin this week : )

Food cravings: Melty cheese. I could have pizza or quesadillas for every meal, every day and be so in heaven.

Food aversions: Things that aren’t melty cheese.

Sleep: Good

Stretch marks? No

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Having a full cup of morning coffee with the husband.

Mood? Happy

Maternity Clothes? Oh! Instead of painting, I’ve been sewing! I sewed my first maternity dress for Mr. Klein’s wedding coming up in AH! three weeks!! – I can’t believe it’s almost here! Anyways, seeeee! It’s not that great but for my first project, it’s not so bad : ) dress

New baby items: Just started over on my baby blanket I’ve been knitting since I first found out we were pregnant. It got all twisted somehow…. I’ll get better one of these days ; )

Exercise: Does cleaning the house count?

Best moment of the week: Seeing the ocean and my parents again who, might I say, came with an ice cold *virgin* pina colada in hand – WITH pineapple and cherry garish :) :) Happy poolside Hillary.

Looking forward to: Figuring out the many decisions of the future..

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