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Funny I ended the last post with “and things went back to normal” because as you know, they’ve been anything but normal. I figured it’s about time for an update lest I forget everything as I am prone to do. I’m not really sure where to start! Let’s start here:photo (41)Yippeeeee!! I’m so very proud of this pee stick. You must know, I’ve wanted to be a mom probably since I came out of the womb myself. I literally planned my whole life around it. I chose art, ya cause it’s awesome, but mostly cause I could do it from home *kids*kids*kids* Had any guys I dated known I was thinking this way, they’d be running for the hills but luckily I got a rockstar husband whose gunna be the most amazing dad there ever was (besides my own of course). Oh my. I can’t wait to meet this little one. We have a long way to go but it’s been so crazy following this kido’s progress so far! Already, at just eight weeks, he or she is the size of a raspberry, has taste buds forming (how they know this, I don’t know), has pretty much shed that funky little tail, and is getting closer to losing the webs on his or her hands and footsies! We do hope he/she sheds these. I’m pretty sure it’s a girl but Greg thinks it’s a boy. Who knows – it’s basically a 50/50 guess : ) We got to hear its little heartbeat a couple days ago which made me unbelievably emotional throughout the day. Greg kept asking me, do you even know what you are crying about? and I didn’t. I guess I was just ridiculously happy. Here you can watch too:

That’s my I’m not crying face/voice. I guess it just made it all so very real and exciting. They say you’ll gain 1-5 lbs in the first trimester and I’ve already gained 4 just in between doctor visits :’ ( So, that’s been fun. I’ve always been pretty skinny so I can see when I put any weight on, pretty quickly. Greg says he’s noticed too. I suggested he keep that to himself. But besides feeling chubby all over, I swear I have a bump! Albeit tiny. I show you next time.

I found out early cause of my super duper cheapo tests I ordered online that came in a, yes, 50 pack and obviously needed to be used whenever possible. Plus I really felt like I had almost every symptom in the book, so, naturally I started testing the day before the day they said you could possibly have a result and nothin. IIIIII actually feel like a saw somethin but Greg said it was all in my head. So, as soon as he left for work the next day I tried again and sure enough! there was somethin there. I knew husband wouldn’t believe my discount strips so I headed to the store to get a real one and sure enough, same result. And then I tested again and again and probably eight tests later, I thought I had enough evidence that he would believe. Now I had a whole day to keep the biggest secret of my life all to myself. It. Was. Awful. Naturally, I baked a cake (Costanza style).

photo (38)

This pathetic creation is sadly the height of my baking skills. But it worked to tell the news since Greg walked in and was thrown by the fact that I baked a cake from scratch and it was not, in fact, funfetti, although now that I think about it, this would be the one time my beloved cake would be appropriate. Nevertheless, he swept me into his arms, kissed my tummy, and told me he needed to sit down.

We got to successfully tell both our moms on Mother’s Day which was awesome. We made it through a whole cocktail party the night before without anyone getting suspicious, thanks to my juice mocktails and Greg’s ninja sipping skills when the wine came around. It’s awfully hard to keep such things a secret. I hate secrets to begin with so this has required quite the effort. I have the cutest little pregnancy announcement (well I think it’s cute – yes it’s of my dog) that I’ve just been waiting and waiting to post but alas, my wise husband says we should wait on more public forms of social media. Sigh. Anyways, I’ve been feeling alright. Little bouts of nausea but not too bad and thank the Lord no vomiting yet. I. Hate. Throwing. Up. I’ve been ridiculously tired and hungry all the time (which probably explains the oncoming thunder thighs). And the cramping parties have been fun. Let’s see, I’m sure there’s loads more news but it’s been so long it’s hard to remember it all. Overall, I feel like our future and everything about it is once again completely in the Lords hands so I’m excited to see what He has in store. If you think of us, we’d love all the prayers we could get to have everything fall into place in His timing. We sure love you guys a lot and I promise I’ll keep this updated with little beans news! Eeeeeee! WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!


  1. Taylor Welty says

    You are the cutest most wonderfulest most funniestest sister in the world! Oh that post brought so much joy to my little self!! So pwesus. I’m praying for you, little bean- we all can’t WAIT to meet you!!!!


  2. Wow – thank you for sharing. I’m 5 weeks now, and eagerly awaiting the first chance we will have to see/hear our baby. Your video made me tear up! So exciting. You both sound so happy. Congratulations!


  3. We are so happy for you – WE CAN”T STOP SMILING! Oh my goodness – What will it be??????? At Ricky’s house , on Sunday night, we were all in agreement that no matter the outcome (the baby’s gender) it WILL have a really wonderful name! You are almost through your first trimester – It’s coming so fast! YEAH!!!
    PS: I think you can put your concern about morning sickness behind you at this point- most women who experience it would be starting to get better after 2 & 1/2 months.
    Take care of yourselves, ok? Hilary, PLEASE rest when you are tired – so glad you don’t HAVE to go to work right now. We love you guys!


    • Ohhh noooo the pressure of the name!! ; ) I know it has gone by pretty fast in a slow sort of way… faster now that we can actually talk about it
      : D And that’s good to know about the morning sickness.. I hope you are right! I told Greg I should go get a job to save some extra money except I have no idea how i’d stay awake all day …so I guess it really is a blessing in disguise : ) Love you!


      • I’m SORRY!!!!! NO pressure, no pressure!!! WHATEVER you decide will be perfect – a perfect fit for baby – It’s just that you both are SO creative and artistic and clever. No expectations though, (blast) forget I ever said that.


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