No offense but, my baby is cuter than your baby

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babyOh my goodness, I am so smitten. We got to see our baby again for the 12 week check up and oh my sweet potato pie, it has the most adorable little profile I ever did see. It was so cute, squirming all around, kicking its lil leggies and *my favorite* arching its little back. Sigh. I honestly thought they were just going to check the heartbeat otherwise we would have taken a video, but we were blown away by how developed it looked already. We saw little fingers and everything! The doctor said baby is not shy at all so I hope he/she stays that way and doesn’t have to deal with people telling him/her how veryyyy shyyyy he/she is his/her whole life ;) Not that I had to deal with that or anything… Also, knowing the gender will help with the fluidity of these sentences :) 

In other news, happy birthday blog!! I’m so happy I started this little thing a year ago because just lookit all that has happened!
We moved from this place to this place.
We received this bundle of terror, I mean joy.
I got to go to Indiana for the first time and see where my love grew up!
We celebrated one whole year of marriage — almost one and a half! : )
There were parties, and exploring, and food finding, and trips galore and most importantly, baby came into our lives and we couldn’t be more thankful. What a great year! Thanks for following along with our little ol life : )

In honor of such an occasion, here are:

50 Things You May Not Know About The Nettles

1) he still opens car doors for her
2) he is very specific about what side of the bed he must sleep on
3) they talk in weird voices around their dog
4) they talk in weird voices around each other
5) she has a habit of collapsing to the floor when she is frustrated
6) this never ceases to make him laugh
7) he is the only boy she has ever sung for (that’s how she knew she loved him)
8) she has lots of big ideas
9) he shows her the reality of said ideas
10) he takes date night very seriously
11) she is thankful for that
12) he can make a beautiful bed
13) if he is at a bar with her dad, the chances of them ordering the same drink are 100%
14) they plan their lives around food
15) they miss Sausalito
16) she often wonders when they are going back home to their little place on the hill
17) she likes to walk
18) he likes to drive
19) they resent ever having to pay for parking
20) he says he loves pie
21) she has made him two and they have both gone to waste
22) they both remain convinced the Lord put on their wedding
23) she loves Greek yogurt
24) he can’t stand the smell
25) he HATES hearing people chew
26) she use to call him while she was eating just for this reason
27) she hates being tickled
28) he respects that
29) they could both sleep in a large refrigerator and be happy
30) other than while sleeping, she is always cold
31) he has a business voice
32) he is not allowed to talk to her with his business voice
33) she has opened his eyes to the world of “tones”
34) he had no idea someone could be so sensitive to them
35) he can now tell when something is wrong because of said tone ;)
36) neither can decide if their dog is a good dog or a bad dog. they spend most date nights discussing this.
37) no one can make her smile more than him
38) she has a hard time not crying if she sees a dead animal on the road
39) he is very proud of how perfect he keeps the toothpaste
40) he has made her coffee almost every morning of their marriage
41) he spoils her an unnecessary amount
42) he buys a new Chapstick on every single trip he goes on
43) they currently have 45 lying around
44) he refuses to teach her how to code
45) she thinks she could help him with his work! If only she knew how…
46) he knows how to fluff pillows like a pro
47) when people come over, they wander the house refusing to sit down so it looks nice when they come in
48) they have lit candles almost every night of their marriage
49) they go through a lot of lamp oil
50) they are madly in love


  1. Cinny pinny says

    BABY! I’ve seen the BABY!!! It’s berry, berry sweet! I think: girl…no…boy! Who cares! BABY!!!!! THANK YOU for posting the pictures – SO Happy! (This made my WHOLE week great!) HeHeHe, it’s really in there!


  2. Cinny pinny says

    Also, I almost forgot – 50 things was SO funny!!!!!! I love you two! BABY!!!!


  3. Cinny pinny says

    OK, one more thing – #31-33 How can men NOT understand this?
    #47 Us too! Had to teach Ray though, he did not get it at first.
    #24-26 Again, us too! (although I have NOT done #26 yet.)
    promise to stop writing now, Love you!


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