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Oh hey there pretty lady.. let’s run through what we’ve been up to lately because, you know, the memory thing and the fact that life has gotten way too busy to possibly keep up with! So here we go. iPhone, don’t fail me now!
1^^This lady grew out of her clothes for the final time, I’m sure. Insert continuous weeping forevermore. But that hat. It fits more like a yamaka now but doesn’t make me smile any less! ^^Greg and I did some marvelous coping with life’s sadnesses. ^^We were just settling in for our morning nursefest when that dog came and curled up real good and rested that dear head on my leg. This, this is my happy place.
^^We celebrated national donut day the day after national donut day. The milk was the biggest attraction. We now have a grabbing girl.
^^There was a beach day which I always have to mention because they are my favorite. Greg, however was in a living nightmare. We’ve been debating getting Bentley a buddy, so we tried it out with two dogs. There will be no more debate over one or two dogs.
^^There were baths. Many baths.IMG_5128
^^Just a taste of this girl in the morning. She’s the best. As soon as she sees you, she lights up and starts kicking those legs. Can’t get enough of that business.

^^Abbie and my latest adventure. We apparently paint ceilings now. Can we just take a moment to stand in awe of this glorious house?! It may have been the prettiest house I’ve ever seen and I have seen some pretty stunning contenders. These pictures do NOT do it justice so use your imaginations because it is out of this world gorgeous. Anyways, painting a ceiling. Does that sound fun to you? Ya, me neither. However, Greg said if I did it, I could get my camera. Also, the small life event of buying a house and needing every extra cent we can possibly muster up… At the time, “coloring in a stencil” as they described it, sounded easy. And fast. Two weeks later… Ya, you try staring at a ceiling for two weeks, 6 hours a day and tell me how your neck feels. Mine starting doing a clicking sound followed by a spasm every time I turned it. Add 100 degree weather and a whining, screaming child to the mix for a good 4 hours of that day and in reality there was more danger of her getting thrown off the scaffolds than rolling off. I think the workers just kept hearing shut up SHUT UP! coming from the back room. We are friends again. Worth it? No. Actually I’ll tell you once I see how much I like my camera :)IMG_5121
^^But she would give me the best snuggles when we got home :) That was worth it.

^^we celebrated having our house appraise high enough! Greg asked if we were going to celebrate every stage of the approval process. What a silly question.

^^we were there a lot, okay?  And really, how often do you see a baby on the scaffolds? ^^and from possibly the most flattering angle imaginable.. the tiny brush at work. I can’t even tell you how many Michelangelo or “Michelleangela” jokes I heard. Smile and nod. Smile and nod.

^^We celebrated this lovely lady’s birthday!

^^it was really fun! We tried to think of all the things she loved and include them in her day – special drinks WITH sharks, fried chicken, theological discussions, Jewish music.. these sorts of things. I’m pretty sure she thought we were making fun of her but we all really had a good time! She’s a pretty special lady :)
^^There were lots of dinners with my dad :) ^^and somehow she became a little lady somewhere in there.. my goodness!
^^there was a family day date with the unfortunate choice of a milkshake that was sooooo good going down in those three minutes it took me to devour it, but made me feel new levels of sick for the rest of that day ;) and a movie! You guys. Inside out. So good. Gotta say, I was not particularly looking forward to it but Greg and I turned into a proper basket case in there. Can I still blame just-had-a-baby-five-months-ago hormones? I don’t know what Greg’s excuse was. You’re on your own, buddy. IMG_514412
^^And she swam! And liked it! The next day, not so much but hey! we’ll take what we can get.

And finally, Father’s Day. This guy’s first! So thankful I get to do life with him. He’s well, he’s just the best! IMG_5149
Happy Monday to you all!


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