Someone Came To Visit Us!

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family days

…six months ago! Just kidding… I’m not that far behind.. yet. Life does go a bit crazy and continues to zoom on by now doesn’t it? Greg’s sister and brother-in-law, I mean MY sister and brother-in-law came to visit us last week and might I say, I am so glad I married a guy whose family members enjoy the delights we call meals as much as I do. Those two… they spoiled our tastebuds rotten, my lips are still smacking. There was wine-ing, there was dining. There was a little girl who appeared to be crushing hard on the dapper Italian man. There were cook offs and laughs and most of all, a whole lot of trying to convince them that Santa Cruz is the place to move and live ;)   IMG_4048
^^Seriously, I’m pretty sure she had hearts in her eyes the whole time^^IMG_4049
^^She must be my daughter because do you SEE how happy she is to be under the table?? I kept checking on her and she was just down there kicking and smiling away, knowing full well the magic of the under-table-hangout-fort. BEST girl. ^^ IMG_4050

^^and I mean, not to brag but, I mean, just look ;) She’s so good at restaurants and I am obviously obnoxiously proud. Until right before we were getting ready to leave, I heard the loudest wail and naturally thought, whose baby is THAT!? and then remembered it was mine that I stashed under the table an hour before. Parent points for me..^^IMG_4051

The next day, we took them to see the big trees. You know, there is only so much we can do here in this little town ;) I always forget how big they are. And how much my neck hurts after such viewing. IMG_4054


^^Seriously, the hearts. ^^



And then we ate again. And this girl deepened her affection for the one that blows her kisses.
And then we came home to celebrate because we may have put an offer on a house a while back and it may have, by some miracle, gotten accepted and we may actually be in escrow WHAAAT!? And since our secret apparently made it around to everyone we know already, I might as well make a note about it on here… welcome to my family, Greg. You get to tell one person and the rest is history. Ah well… the chances of any of this actually happening is beyond slim but by some act of God, things keep moving forward! If I stop to think about it, all that comes to mind is what in the world!? It’s so surreal it’s hard to be excited. Anyways, we shall see what He has in mind and try to keep the stress levels in the normal zones until then :) That is proving to be difficult.
IMG_4073But anyways, back to more important matters. Food. Spartico cooked us the most epic Italian meal. Seriously, I am fully Pavlov’s dogs just thinking about it. IMG_4064 copyIMG_4071IMG_4067

And then the next night my mom and dad did their cooking magic and made this deliciousness and pork chops over the fire. I really can’t complain. IMG_4075
Complete with pan flames. IMG_4076

So that’s that. Now we are up to our ears in paperwork and doing our math over and over and over again. And this is where I repeat once more, God is good. He will provide. :) Thanks for coming to see us Domi and Spartico! We absolutely loved having you and can’t wait for next time! Love, us

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