Happy Father’s Day

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dadsDads. What a huge roll you play. I may be wrong, but I notice a whole lot of mother celebration, and rightfully so – that shiz hurt! but dads often seem to be an afterthought. Or an, oh ya, he had a part in this too. But man, if there is one thing I’ve noticed lately, it’s that the dad’s roll is most definitely equal if not more important in raising a kiddo. So happy father’s day, you guys. I cannot express how unbelievably blessed I feel to have had such an incredible family unit growing up and how much it hurts me that so many kids aren’t able to have that experience. I am so proud you are my dad, Dad, and I am so thankful my little girl has such an incredible man protecting and loving on her the rest of her life, Bubba. We are some lucky ladies over here! Happy Father’s Day! We love you guys!

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  1. CinnyPinny says

    I LOVE THAT! You are so very right, Hilary! Where would we gals be without our great dads? CUTE pic. of you with your wonderful dad on THAT special day.


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