By jove she’s five months

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

I know, Sweetie. I feel the same way too.
I mean, just look at these poses she’s coming up with! Reaching hand. Over the shoulder I-got-this glance. Psh. Just, psh. Ok ya, I’m a little proud of this child of ours. My poor Instagram followers didn’t know what they were going to be bombarded with when they pushed follow. It went from an occasional picture of a flower or a delightful drink to LOOKIT I HAVE A CHILD AND HERE’S HER FACE FROM THIS ANGLE AND FROM THIS ANGLE AND! Heheh I don’t care. The amount of times my computer has crashed and I’ve lost all my pictures is appalling so pardon me while I excessively overshare ;) ANYWAYS five months. That’s almost half a year people. My goodness where has time gone. Life’s been so weird and busy lately, I’ve barely had any time to sit down and take in all that’s been happening! My family has been going through some how do you say… crap. But amidst all that mess, there’s been some awesome stuff too! Exhibit A: We are still in escrow! YAY! hehe… We just got news today that it appraised high enough so we can keep moving forward! I’ve been so worried about that step in particular and am just shocked at how He’s been providing for us. Absolutely shocked. Like I need to sit down and breathe into a bag for a couple minutes.

So while I do that, lemme think back on this last month of Abbie goodness:

The hands. They have some new skills and they are not afraid to find their way into your nose. Or mouth. Or any sort of crevice. And they are open and my my my she has some long beautiful fingers. I’m kind of hoping my sister will offer her piano lessons for life any day now. Just kidding… They also are interested in reaching for whatever you are holding and will attempt to grab it with the utmost concentration plastered across that gorgeous face of hers. When excited, she will flap. Those arms, they get flailing. The feet too. And she’s got some strength behind those limbs! She’s a force to be reckoned with, she is.

She’s the longest baby I’ve ever seen! People think she’s nine months. Dresses have turned into shirts. She wears pants up to 18 months. It’s ridiculous. These are our challenges. We are coping. But the squish in those thighs. My goodness is it good. She is a well nourished baby ;) I’m a little proud of my milking powers.

Grunts for days. I’m looking forward to using our words.

She’s a tricky one, this one. I spend my days trying to get her to laugh because, well, there’s just nothing better, now is there. And she laughs. But never at the same thing. She makes you work for that shiz. Except in the morning. She’s still the happiest little creature in the morning and just tosses out those big smiley eye smiles like confetti. But lately…. we’ve had serious morning girl…. and I can’t… even…. express how sad I will be when smiley morning Abbie goes away… can’t.. even… let’s move on.

SHE CAN ROLL OVER!!! There was one week when she had this skill mastered. Full on roll and wait for it, yup, she whipped that arm right out from under the entire weight of her body like a champ. She seems to have forgotten this action was once a breeze but don’t you dare help her with that last little arm trickery. She’s my daughter and does NOT want help unless she asks for it. Ok, little girl, you just grunt away down there.

She LOVES Bentley. Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh. I’m not happy about this at all. And cue the mom tears because THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. He’ll stand there, whipping her face with his tail and she’ll be laughing her head off. She thinks it’s hilarious when he barks (and boy can he bark… LOUD) and will always reach her little fingers out to receive that nice tongue bath. Mmmmhmm. I can’t even type the happiness this little budding relationship brings me. My heart is full. :):)

She seems to be favoring her right hand, seeeeeems to know her name (and yes I know they say she won’t know till past a year but she’s brilliant, ok), tries so hard to sit up from a lying position (them neck mussels be workin real hard) and can prop herself up when posed in a seated position… until she falls the other way. But she’s a tough one. She’s been bonked many a time and just looks up at me with these what? is that the best you got? eyes. She’s a little trooper which is awesome cause she’s got a pretty clumsy mom. She’s is seriously the sweetest, most mellow child I’ve ever encountered and I love her to bits. Happy five months little girl! You are one special gift!

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