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^^oh back when we were just babies <3

Happy 2nd birthday little blog of mine! It’s such a silly thing to celebrate but I’ve been so glad I have had something to look back on and I’m really so humbled you guys have followed along! Thank you! It’s been awesome to follow along on your journey of those of you who were pregnant at the same time and to see your babies blossom and grow. Just last year we were a mere 12 weeks pregnant with no idea what we were going to do about anything. It’s so funny to look back on a time (that I so clearly remember complaining about, often) with such sweetness and to see all the things I was so worried about, being provided for. It’s nice to have all those growing baby pictures to compare to and think, is this new little pooch I’ve been sporting… a little sibling!? and then have to come to the reality that that is just my stomach now. ;) Literally everything last year was up in the air – Greg’s job, housing, cars, doctors, etc – and every single thing, we have seen Him help us with. I can’t tell you how many times I had to reread this blog just to remember everything was going to be okay. OK, I know that’s technically a different blog but it basically goes hand in hand with this one ;) I try to keep this one light and dump all my heaviness onto that one hehe but still. I am a very blessed woman and we serve a very faithful God and that is something to celebrate. Thanks again for following along with our little life! We love you guys!

As is our custom (well, as of last year ;) ) here are:

50 Things You May Not Know About The Nettles

1) she grew up in California
2) he did not
3) she is very glad about this
4) he is very particular about which mug he drinks his coffee out of
5) so is she
6) it’s taken them this long to find one that matched
7) matching mugs make her quite happy
8) they live with her parents. it’s not as sad as it sounds.
9) they had their baby at her parents house. when people find this out, they normally respond with, “on purpose?”
10) their child is exceptionally advanced and gifted. yup.
11) her goal in life is to get him to laugh every day
12) he’ll never know how happy she is when she succeeds
13) he has bet her she’ll never beat him at ping pong
14) she is determined to prove him wrong
15) they both talk about being more active. usually while sitting and eating.
16) her favorite place to be is next to him
17) he is ridiculously patient with her. like, ridiculously patient.
18) she likes to dance for Little
19) simply because the look of what in tarnation has already started and it’s basically priceless
20) his slippers have a magical way of escaping from the closet even when he’s not around! HOW!?
21) to say she’s obsessed with white would be an understatement
22) sometimes he takes her to say hi to their stuff in storage because she misses it so
23) she opens up like a frinkin flower around the ocean
24) he does not. sand. they are working through it.
25) she loves to daydream about their one day house
26) he is aware he will never have pocket change again ;)
27) she is convinced she can build anything
28) he is slowly convincing her otherwise
29) he likes to make the dog (oh and the baby) play air drums
30) this never ceases to amuse her
31) they get abnormally attached to characters on tv series
32) they go through some serious depressions when said series end
33) he always buys her popcorn and a cherry coke at the movies
34) she feels spoiled rotten every time
35) they love a good cocktail
36) Little reserves the best smiles for morning and for Papi.
37) she also gives the best laughs when she is: turned upside down, tossed violently in the air, or being bitten on her thighs. they are great parents.
38) they are rather proud they can still take her to the movies. they love the movies.
39) they love experiences over things
40) who are we kidding, they love things too
41) she could never kill a plant on purpose. she talks to them. she’s weird.
42) she loves when he plays his guitar
43) he loves when she sings
44) they rarely do either
45) they are amazed every time Little learns something new right before their eyes. they talk about it for days afterward.
46) they are still pretty obsessed with their dog
47) they love people who love dogs. especially people who love their dog ;)
48) she wanted to have all her kids 9 months apart…. that was before the labor experience
49) also before she knew breastfeeding made that very unlikely
50) Little is the joy of their lives


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