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IMG_6404 (1)**I wrote this a while ago but forgot to post it… and since this blog is my memory, up it goes. Because I like to remember ;) **

Greg and I are sadly proving to be repeatedly delusional. The week before our puppy was due to arrive, we spent hours upon hours watching YouTube videos on how to raise the perfect dog, convincing ourselves our impulse buy would be easy. It was not. He is a terror. Likewise, when people told us parents of newborns are exhausted, we chuckled inside and thought, well maybe that’s true for you – OUR baby however, will sleep through the night early on. We’ve read a book. We’ve got this. Ya, we are tired. They were right. The mystery? We wouldn’t trade it for the world. At six weeks, she still has the ability to make every passerby stop and linger for just a second, marveling at the fragility of her tiny self. I’ve been in awe of this magical ability babies have, to slow people down, not only when you’re actually trying to get something remotely productive done, but how complete strangers, are halted in their tracks to tilt their heads and take in this precious innocence. Oh, she gets fussy. She cries. She wants to be held at the most inconvenient times. Yet, having the honor and luxury of allowing myself to slow down, enter baby time, take a breath and enjoy her, has been such a gift. It’s a time that passes so seemingly slowly in the day but so quickly in life. You’ll blink and she’ll be grown, they said. Try not to miss it, they said. So this is my day now. Savoring. Taking in as much of this sweet, exhausting, baby goodness that I can because blink… time has marched on.IMG_6330 (3)

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