Heyyy Diddle Diddle! You are two months old tomorrow!

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

abbiebeebeeBooohoo! Everyone said it would go by fast but NO ONE SAID how hard it would be when you actually have to put away the newborn clothes to make room in her already stuffed drawers because her head is actually not fitting through the hole of that adorable outfit she wore all of twice. Sigh. She is definitely already developing a little personality that I adore and has her special preferences:

Her main preference is that she likes to be up. Always. She doesn’t like to be on her back – unless she’s on her changing pad because she loves to look out the window. And I love to see how happy that window makes her. She can chatter away forever over there in her own little world. It’s mighty adorable. Anyways, up. She doesn’t like to be held in normal baby cradling position, she likes to be up over your shoulder, ready to take on the world! And off she goes, holding that wobbly head up like it’s nobody’s business.

She also likes for you to be up. Not sitting holding her, and DEFINITELY not laying down – standing is the preferred choice. And if you could bounce a little please. If you sit, she will kick. Kicking is now fun. Kicking while nursing is especially fun. It’s fun to see just how much milk can go everywhere. Let’s make it a slip’n slide, shall we? She’s still the most adorable creature that ever was, even if she does strongly resemble Dwight Schrute when her hair happens to get parted in the middle.

The spitting up is still in full force. The good news is I no longer have to set reminders to wash our comforter cover. It gets washed at least once a week no matter what now. It is a necessity.

I’ve caught her with her palms open on several occasions but as soon as she realizes, she snatches those thumbs back in. They are her thumbs and no you may not see them.

It’s been such an amazing gift to see her actually discover things and develop new skills. Every time my dad sees her, he comes up and kisses her head and says, Hi Abbie, it’s me Papi! It’s kind of the most adorable thing ever, but the incredible thing is, I can see her starting to recognize people’s voices! I can see her get excited over the black and white shapes on her mobile. I can see her trying so hard to mimic the silly faces we make at her. It’s so special to be her momma and see her growing and learning each day.

She’s been sleeping through the night pretty well lately – so much that the other night I had to get up and pump because she was just sleeping away. As much as I was rejoicing that she is becoming a rockstar sleeper, a little (okay, a big) part of me was so sad that she didn’t need me in the middle of the night like she use to. And that’s just the beginning! And I’m going to go cry now. Can I just join with the loads of parents that have always said it’s so fun to see them grow up but why can’t they just stay little forever? Group hug.

So when nothing gets done because I’m caught in a smiling war with Little, it doesn’t even matter because just for that moment, time freezes and I get to savor all that life was made to be. How lucky are we?

We sure love you little girl. Grow grow grow! You’re going to be spectacular. You already are! :)


  1. Taylor Welty says

    Happy 2 months diddle Abbibeebee!! It really is captivating seeing her personality start to come through! I LOVE that she can’t get enough of taking in the world around her…. She’s an inquisitive sort. And I also love the subtle things you perceive as her mama…. She is one loved little girl :) 3 months, comin up!


  2. CinnyPinny says

    Oh Hilary, I feel for you, really I do. I must say, however, that I’m so glad you respect the speed of change – be thankful that you are aware for SO MANY mothers miss it all, waiting for ” it” to just get easier. You never know what can happen in a day. Alley was crawling at 3 months (really) and the baby I had was gone! Just gone!


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